Horoscope May 2016


For starters, just about all planetary forces are in perfect harmony with each other but later the comfort zone loosens up; there is more stress but also more excitement, says Sitara.

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Sun 11° Taurus – 11° Gemini
Moon 22° Aquarius – 14° Aries
Mercury, direct 22nd 23°- 18° Taurus
Venus 1° Taurus – 9° Gemini
Mars retrograde 8° Sagittarius – 28° Scorpio
Jupiter, direct from 9th 13° – 14° Virgo
Saturn retrograde 15° – 13° Sagittarius
Chiron 24° – 25° Pisces
Uranus 22° – 23° Aries
Neptune 12° – Pisces
Pluto retrograde 17° Capricorn
North Node 19° – 18° Virgo
Lilith 28° Libra – 1° Scorpio
New Moon, 6th, 21.29 h GMT 17° Taurus
Full Moon, 21st, 23.14 h GMT 1 Sagittarius


Mood of the Moment

The first three weeks of this month come exceptionally close to the ideas of merriness associated with the month of May. Just about all planetary forces are in perfect harmony with each other. On top of that the Earth element determines the scene and ensures stability, uniformity and reliability. Therein a significant amount of energy and momentum is concealed, and we may hope that some fiery natures succeed to give expression to this potential despite the prevailing calm. Otherwise, this is an ideal time for vacation, relaxation, socializing, traveling and in-depth conversations about God, the world and the meaning of life.

In the second half of the month the comfort zone loosens up, there is more stress but also more excitement. With regard to the Jupiter-Saturn square, two times from the past are important: firstly the end of March this year, and secondly the beginning of May 2000. At that time, Jupiter and Saturn formed the last conjunct which, so to speak, marked the birth of the current developments. Probably it was initially all about the temporal, which even now plays a role, but which will be constantly purified and refined until the next conjunction in 2021. On the one hand the subject matter of the Jupiter-Saturn combination is to “bring visions down to Earth” and on the other, “fill all things necessary with joy


AriesAries: Retrograde Mars ensures a general slowdown and prompts you to turn inward while the world passes by without you being able to have a lot of influence. This can be very unsettling, but the mantra for this time is again “letting go”. At least give it a try to find new ways of approaching issues more prudently. In fact, what remains to be done by you is to finally develop the trust you have desired for so long. Not such a bad trade, right?


TaurusTaurus: A month virtually tailor-made for you; already the very beginning is very tranquil. Any uneasiness dissolves rapidly and leads to even more stability. Even areas that usually bring about uncertainty can’t harm you, because your faith is almost unshakeable. You can therefore able to master difficult situations or people now. The last third of May will be somewhat restless but if you do not take matters too hard you can overcome everything in a sociable, clever and creative manner.


GeminiGemini: The process that started in April, during which power, depth and stability continue to increase, will also determine the month of May. This is accompanied by fundamental rethinking that enables you to access reserves you didn’t even know you had. In the last third of the month more variety returns to your life. Let yourself be stimulated by others to undertake joint ventures, even if their goals at first glance seem alien to you. You have a chance for an enormous expansion of your inner horizon.


CancerCancer: Cancer is particularly influenced by the constant changes of the Moon. The ups and downs of your emotional states find now a soothing counterbalance in the Earth element: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn ensure stability and recollection. It is easy to carefully take one step at a time and as you always have the goal in mind, you make good and steady progress. In the last third of the month it is worthwhile to aim at higher goals. Be a bit adventurous, there is much to discover!


LeoLeo: In the first two thirds of the month the lion may relish dozing in the sun. All by itself confidence and strength increase and provide a good footing. You know that you’re on the right path, which gives you security. In the last third of the month, get moving again! Look for future possibilities that could make your life even more interesting and more worth living. They give you optimism and will ensure that you find ways to make them become reality.


VirgoVirgo: Now you can start to turn outward, so that what has been in process during recent months may take shape. You know that you are moving toward abundance and fulfilment; invite others to walk with you. At the end of May a development comes to completion that began end of March: the orientation towards the exalted reconciles with the realisation that you can only find it if you are willing to pay the price – and the decision to pay gladly becomes irrevocably clear.


LibraLibra: Also for you nothing is left to be desired. Your yearning for unclouded harmony can be now met – but only if your claims to happiness and satisfaction don’t grow simultaneously with the pleasant circumstances. The best formula now is the willingness to enjoy life to the fullest – without wanting to hold on to the status quo. Because of course at some point – specifically from mid May on – more friction will arise that demands new creative solutions based on your resourcefulness.


ScorpioScorpio: Your regenerative power, your courage and determination to put all your eggs into one basket, is really needed now. The problem is that everything is going so marvellously, whereby people see no reason to become active. But each new movement starts with rethinking. So talk a lot with other people, learning from them as they will do from you. Retrograde Mars allows no active progress yet, but is perfect to reflect and challenge past attitudes and actions.


SagittariusSagittarius: Appropriate to Saturn in Sagittarius, everything unfolds gradually in the merry month of May. The more you rely on the continuation of an incipient lucky streak, the less it will happen. But when you remain awake and alert, you will proceed well. In the last third of the month deliberation and a sense of responsibility are important. No need to be concerned about optimism, it is innate to you – but remain clear-headed at all times. View the developments since end of March, and then correct your course by the end of May.


CapricornCapricorn: Everything is fine. Just don’t expect breakthroughs; it is not the right time for that. However, an enormous amount will be cleared up and stabilised with respect to your general patterns, your cognitive processes and your relationships. From time to time there are small obstacles to be overcome, but in the general concord they provide a rather pleasant change. End of the month look back on the time since end of March and stake stock: which alignment has proved itself and which direction promises success?


AquariusAquarius: The first two thirds of the month may be a little uninspiring for you. The emphasis of the Earth element ensures balance, satisfaction and tranquillity, but only for those who have a thing for that. However, most Aquarian men and women prefer tension, change and unrest and will breathe a sigh of relief when things get going again on the 20th: The Air sign Gemini promises brainstorms, Mars in the opposite sign of Sagittarius promises interesting discoveries and both together will get the most beautiful sparks flying.


PiscesPisces: A pleasant month, not too exciting, not too boring. You also succeed quite well doing justice to both your own objectives as well as to those of people close to you. You are in harmony with yourself and the flow of life. Although you rest in your centre this is not a fixed state, but – according to Pisces – a flexible balance. End of May it’s also worthwhile for you to take a look back at the last two months to see how you can align your behaviour more realistically.


Sitara TNSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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