Hot Chillies Topic: Politics — 13 May 2016

A politician was very much in love with his dog. One day he went to the market to buy some dog biscuits.
He entered a shop and shouted, “Have you got biscuits for dogs?”
The shopkeeper calmly replied, “Do you want to eat them here or do you want to take them home?”


Politicians fight like dogs. They are dogs, and they have to be, because it is a very difficult struggle that they have to go through. They have to be very stubborn and stupid, doggedly stupid and doggedly stubborn, only then is there a possibility that some day they may reach the top. Of course, they will not find anything there, but they will go on smiling because now it is meaningless to say, “I have not found anything here.”

People will laugh. People will say, “We knew it from the very beginning – there is nothing.” That’s how people are. They always say, “We knew it from the very beginning. We told you before that you were a fool trying to climb an empty ladder – on the last rung you would not find anything.” So one who has reached the last rung has to go on smiling as if he has achieved something, just in order not to show his idiocy; that he has been an idiot, that he has wasted his whole life.

There is no need to struggle really, life is spacious enough. If we drop these foolish ideas of hierarchy, of who is on the top and who is the first and who is the president and who is the prime minister… if we drop these stupid ideas of hierarchy, if we simply start living whatsoever we are, wherever we are, life can be infinitely rich because the whole energy available can transform this earth into a paradise.

Osho, The Secret of Secrets Vol. 1, Ch 9 (excerpt)