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The first article in a series of four on meditations about purification by fire, water, earth, and air by Prem Geet.

Reporting from the Inspiration University (USA), founded by Leonard Orr, father of the Rebirthing Breathwork, Prem Geet deepens her meditation practice by combining Osho’s meditations and spiritual purification.

Sitting with the fire is a modern spiritual purification practice with ancient roots, as described by Leonard Orr, master healer and father of Rebirthing Breathwork, an American new age pioneer and teacher of millions. His devotion to simple practices over many years is worthy of study and acceptance by a world longing to quiet and heal itself with the natural energies of fire, water, earth, and conscious breath; the elemental context we live in and are made of, but mostly ignore. The daily practice is to spend time alone with each element as a conscious meditation.


Enjoying a simple fire in the fireplace, I watch for hours without distraction and know:

I feel much happier sitting with a warm, crackling Fire.

Fire is humanity’s first movie and our eternal cinema.

Fire is the first artist, always original.

Fire is the universal teacher.

Fire is a mirror of Love and Life.

Fire warms and nourishes us.

In a past life, the Moon was Fire.

Like a great spiritual master, Fire can burn us and consume us.

Too much Fire is dangerous.

Fire tells me to find the right distance from Fire.

Fire is healing entertainment.

Fire is endless fun!

Fire removes deposits of emotional energy pollution (EEP) and lightens the load.

Fire melts pounds and inches from my guru belly.

Fire mysteriously rejuvenates my body.

In the presence of Fire there is no separation between me and Me.

When I watch the fire, my mind drops, and my consciousness goes into the ever-moving unrepeatable dance of Fire.

When I watch Fire, I am That.

Fire enjoys its freedom.

Fire knows.

Fire is healthy soothing light versus unhealthy, harsh light from our electronic devices.

Fire tells me everything I need to know in the relaxation of all tensions, worry and strife.

Fire is love from nature and dispels everything that is not love from the body, mind and soul.

Fire cleans, empties, restructures, and restores my organs and perception, allowing me to meet the world in a whole, new way.

Fire helps me forgive myself and others much quicker.

I am in love with Fire and intimate with Fire.

Fire accepts me as I am.

Fire is worship.

Fire lifts out the past, fear by fear.

Ever-creative in pattern, Fire can never repeat itself.

Fire rewards awareness and attention.

Fire is Nature’s sensuality and bliss.

Fire reaches into me kinesthetically and teaches me to slow down and be loving to my every cell.

Fire is a superb gift from god.

Maybe Fire is an angel sent from god.

Fire is a form of god’s formless love.

Fire expressed itself through Lord Shiva, Zoroaster, Moses, Elijah and others.

I am so grateful for Fire and I am certain the Fire is grateful for me, the receiver.

Fire understands and rewards silence, feeling, exploration and stillness.

Fire is meditation.

Knowing, Knower and Known are One, Fire is, I Am.


By Prem Geet

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