Things I Learned from the Water

Healing & Meditation

The second article in a series of four on meditations about purification by fire, water, earth, and air by Prem Geet.

Reporting from the Inspiration University (USA), founded by Leonard Orr, father of the Rebirthing Breathwork, Prem Geet deepens her meditation practice by combining Osho’s meditations and spiritual purification.

Lingering in a full tub of warm, purified water is a treasured experience and a true luxury. Bathing twice a day, near sunrise and sunset, is another spiritual purification practice with ancient roots, as described by Leonard Orr, master healer and father of Rebirthing Breathwork, an American new age pioneer and teacher of millions. According to Orr, the Vedic immortal masters, still alive, live in a cave next to a river so they can bathe twice per day, a very ancient tradition. The Immortal Avatar Babaji has called the eternal sadhana of earth, air, water, fire, and spiritual community “a very simple gospel.”

Water Turquoise

Leonard refers to Ganga, the Goddess of Water, as one of the qualities of infinite spirit. His devotion to simple practices over many years is worthy of study and acceptance by a world longing to quiet itself and heal itself with the natural energies of fire, water, earth, and conscious breath, the elemental context we live in and are made of, but mostly ignore. The daily purification practice is to spend time alone with each element as a conscious meditation.

Bathing in warm water is “a powerful psycho-analytic stimuli” says Orr, who began Rebirthing Breathwork during “12 years of spiritual accidents” in his bathtub. Bathing is one way humanity has been digging itself out of misery for the last 5,000 – 10,000 years, according to Orr who cites the immortal yogis and their very simple practices using the four elements. “The secrets of the elements are beyond mind,” he says. In surrendering mind to each element, we can experience that god is in it. Spending time with the elements also brings us into present time. A long bath makes us drop our worries and tune into our breathing and feeling. After years of ocean swimming and playing in creeks, I now more fully appreciate the water element as a lifelong companion of joy and play.

Enjoying a warm bath in silence is an induction into pure bliss. Unhurried, I rest without distraction and know:

Water is contact with the first mother.

Soaking in warm Water is a conversation with silence, and our cells listen.

A long, warm bath is quieting and expands knowing.

Playing in Water dissolves pain.

Returning to Water, the womb of peace.

Water is the unconscious.

Water is a kindness, dissolving tension.

Feeling much younger, restored innocence, after a bath.

Playing in Water is and always has been a savior.

The mysterious creek, a childhood oracle.

Long swims in Hawaiian waters are a soul cure.

Oceans hold the cosmic song of dolphins and whales, long after they sing.

Deep ocean swimming is a form of flying.

Resistant and supportive, Water helps us feel embodied in a luxurious way.

Letting go in Water teaches pure being, no thought, no mind.

Shapeshifting Water is a wild immortal who can do anything.

Water shows me that who I am now is more than who I was at the time any memory was made.

Water teaches humility, surrender, and flow.

Water forgets the shape of its interaction, returning quickly to Herself.

Tears are the oceans moving inside.

The rushing river unlocks my possibilities somehow.

Surrender to warm Water overcomes impatience and urgency.

Water is a goddess of renewal, a daily miracle.

Ah, the Moon has spoken to this Water.

Water surrounds and accepts.

Water is a goddess.

Spirit moved upon the face of the Water…

By Prem Geet

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