Osho Chair in Gujarat Soon to be Officially Established

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An update by Satya Vedant in regard of the establishing of an Osho Chair at South Gujarat University in Surat, India.

I feel so happy to share the following news. Indeed, beloved Osho’s blessings are infinite.

Osho Chair Gujarat
Swami Rakesh (left) of Osho Lotus Center in Surat presenting a cheque to the V.N.S.G. University Pro-Vice Chancellor (third from left)

In India, in terms of our efforts towards creating an Osho Chair at South Gujarat University, Surat, rupees five lakhs (approx. US$ 7,500) have been deposited at the university. The next step, to prepare an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) in consultation with a lawyer, is now underway. Once the required university procedures are over, we look forward to formally and officially having the Osho Chair established, which may certainly materialize by December 2016.

However, in the meantime, we shall raise additional funds to find an office space and required infrastructure such as furniture, computer etc. for an Osho Chair. Furthermore, within a month, we shall begin offering workshops, seminars, lectures focused on one of the seven dimensions of the Osho Chair which is: Life Empowerment. We will have an opportunity to register/enrol anyone interested in learning about Osho’s vision as presented under this dimension of the Osho Chair.

We can now count on a team of Osho sannyasins who are enthusiastically willing to commit their time and expertise for contributing into the Osho Chair Syllabus and its offering. We begin first with Life Empowerment.

I shall keep you updated.

Osho’s Blessings.

Satya Vedant

Satya Vedant holds a PhD from the University of Michigan and from the University of Baroda, India. He took sannyas in 1975. Vedant’s publications include books and a wide range of articles published in journals, magazines, and newspapers in India, USA, and Australia. He has given numerous public lectures and has held workshops around the world including at the United Nations, The World Bank, the Pentagon, as well as at Dr. Deepak Chopra’s program in San Diego.

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