See, Just See

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (80)

Do not fight with yourself;
you are as you are,
do not strive to change.

Osho in Jabalpur

Do not swim in life,
just float,
like a leaf on the stream.
Keep away from sadhanas, mere sadhanas,
this is the only sadhana.

Where is there to go?
What is there to become?
What is there to find?
What is, is here and now –
Please, stop and see!

What are the animal instincts?
What is low? and high?
Whatever is, is –
there is no high, no low.
What is animal?
What is divine?

So do not condemn,
do not praise,
nor condemn nor praise yourself:
all differences are of the mind.

In truth no differences exist;
there, God and animal are one and the same;
heaven and hell are just two sides of one coin;
samsara and nirvana are two expressions of one

And do not think about what I have said;
if you think you will miss.
See. Just see.

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