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Arjuna comments on the apology: Leave it alone Hillary, or be prepared to have your abuse and your husband’s abuse of women exposed.


I’ve seen Trump’s apology tape and heard the hot mike recording in the celebrity bus of Trump boasting about his sexual proclivities, passes, pussy groping fantasies and sexual prowling and corralling. All the prim and proper people were nonplussed, peeved and piously indignant. I ask my readers to step back and look a little deeper beyond the putz behavior and the equally putz piety reactions. This country has an infantile and immature relationship with human sexuality, where petting purulence is the other side of the coin of petulant piety. Strangely enough, Trump’s taped apology, word for word, shows me the most honesty coming from puckered or toothy grinning mouths of any candidate in this zoo of a presidential cycle.

Dear readers, pause and consider the root motivations that brought you this scandal, “now” and not before. Try to see deeper beyond all the posturing of talking heads of the liberal media gush, all poised to pounce on prey. Look beyond the GOP leaders of the Republican Party abandoning the Trump cruise ship like cowardly rats.

At last” something from Trump’s past can be used as an excuse to run away, like Monty Python’s Holy Grail Knights, from Trump as if he was killer rabbit requiring a blasting by the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. The liberal, Clinton-Corp friendly anchors and rat dog pundits have their teeth sunk into this and shake as Trump might, they won’t let go, while most of last Friday when the sexist tape was released, FOX News played another animal – an ostrich – with its head in the sand or they obsessed on Hurricane Andrew as some pleasant distraction. It’s as if FOX news has rushed towards the super storm to hide in the flood waters of that globally-warmed hurricane that they deny is a climate change creature. Let’s hide in the flood and not face this calculated, Washington Post “release” of something that they’ve had for months and sprung on the election for its most damaging timed effect.

I do see in all of this a deeper root of intent, the root of corporate interests that have decided to shut off support from Trump, salvage the Republican control of congress as best they can as he sinks, and put most of their multi-national money and weight behind the Clinton Foundation moving to the White House. I’ve been telling you for years that Mrs. Clinton was their poster girl and puppet. Now she’s on the home stretch aided by the hysterical masses of voters who will have meltdowns about a man groping a woman, but remain clueless to the groping of multi-nationals that grab your most important “privacy” parts and freedoms.

You’re a nation, being “molested” by corporate fascism. They rape your rights. They bugger your Republic, but you’d rather get all worked up about Trump’s womanizing weaknesses, while getting punked to distraction while you are being raped of your freedoms while they’re closing the deal by 8 November getting ClintonCorp in the White House.

Gain some perspective about the corporate media and their handlers who see Trump as a One-Percent Pariah. The dirt has been collected, categorized and poised for the right time to release for months now. Is it not a perfect time to October Surprise Trump in October, even though the Post has had this information for months?

As the song goes, Billy Bush and Trump “get off the bus and forget about us” talking sexist macho man…

I mean these Access Hollywood audiotapes and video outtakes have been laying around for 11 years! Suddenly we all get to see the “gotcha”, mysogyinista moment on the eve of the Second Debate.

I want to make this clear. Defending Trump is not a good move if ego was motivating my predictions. If ego were ruling my writings, I wouldn’t be defending him and generating energy against what will effectively make me 13 and 0 in my presidential predictions.

I’ve been saying Hillary will win as the first woman president for 16 years and counting. Why would I come to defend a man who is often acting like an eight-year old clown in this election and try to defend him now, in his darkest hour of Locker-room-Gate?

If I were motivated by winning my thirteenth attempt at predicting the president I would be siding with Hillary’s distain for Trump’s attitudes about women. But I do not serve Trump or Hillary. I serve innocence when it’s fading light glows, even in Trump.

His apology had a light of sincerity. So I must comment on this fact. Because I do not support Hillary or “The Donald” in my work about the future. I support the essence of Truth, wherever it arises. Right now, it arises in Donald Trump and not the Clinton political machine that has manipulated a man’s moments of weakness and stupidity 11 years ago into a new and cynical low of playing dirty politics.

Donald is all talk. The Clintons, however, really did abuse and use women in their checkered political past, so for them to put on airs of pious indignation at these Trump revelations is the epitome of hypocrisy and cynicism. It could backfire on them and once again make this election far closer than it ever needed to be because of Clinton overconfidence and character assassination overkill.

Some of Bill Clinton’s mistresses. Many of them have reported being threatened and harrassed, or better “her”-rassed by Bill’s wife.

The weirdest moment for this forecaster, observing in this silly sham of an election during a wild Fire Monkey, Chinese calendrical year is that the man who plays most outrageous candidate, Donald Trump, in his apology, has played the most honest. Hillary Clinton should be careful about what her agents at the Washington Post have unleashed. We all may see the unexpected blow back where a penitent and apologizing Trump, the condemned abuser becomes the victim of dirty political abuse. You Clintons have made him an underdog, a “comeback kid” in the upcoming town hall meeting. Through interaction with the public Trump could win Debate Two or at least get a boost as the election approaches.

Here’s why.

Just know this. I would defend The Truth, wherever it arises, even if it goes against my predictions—which, by the way, still hold that Clinton will win. However, if by defending the truth I would lose my forecast, I would celebrate that loss. Now to Trump’s apology, line by line with my interpretation of how his new intent could backfire on Clinton:

I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than a decade-old video are one of them.


Trump is who he is, warts and all. He has a certain honesty, even when it is repugnant and ugly. Here’s Trump in this Washington Post released tape behaving like many men when going “locker-room” mode. Their boastfulness is masking penal insecurity. You can even see this insecurity when Trump is escorting the blonde woman host after he’s left the Access Hollywood Bus and locker-room blathering.

See how he’s withdrawn some? He’s thinking of his locker-room-rumping rants on the bus – he’s not comfortable about it. He looks constrained and even guardedly vulnerable. I doubt it’s conscious. Trump’s greatest weakness is that he is a natural born channeler and medium without a meditative psychological filter. He’ll channel anything, the racism of a mob one day, boys in the Access Hollywood Ten-Year Anniversary Bus talking man trash about women the next. And now the karma comes home to roost in “reaction” 11 years later.

All men have this problem of genital insecurity in varying degrees. The mystery of the feminine scares men and the male mystique does vice versa, because in men, women are viscerally confronted with an emphasis on the Vice in that “versa” – “Man as Meat Injector” mentality. A man’s deeper capacity to love a woman and become grounded and whole through her is harder for him to reveal. So he prick-postures.

Women too have their own problems and inadequacies about sexuality. It could be said that from the highest in power to the most powerless, the Overlords and their Overwhelmed subjects all have perverse and pre-conditioned suppressions of their life force, their sexuality-life force, that makes them sometimes say and act in ways that do not reveal life-force healthiness.

Human sexuality is the foundation of life and the foundation of human life has remained ever twisted by the social and religious repressions of sexuality. Why else is their violent competition, the suppression of half the human race from being treated equally? Why else are there wars? The penis that seeds life has become a bayonet that disembowels life.

Trump is a victimizer and victim of this vicious circle, as are most of the leaders of the world, even the one’s more worthy of our reverence. That Clinton should pounce upon his weaknesses like a wolf in her tweets is also telling about her sexual suppression, for she is also twisted sexually. I will explore that in my forthcoming book about her presidency. Back to Trump’s apology:

Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.

don-erik-ivanka-melania-trump-sittingAstrologically speaking, Trump is a contradiction living at ease with it if not in awareness of it. He’s a Gemini Sun sign. He is mutable. The locker-room “boys will be boys” Trump has not been a misogynist to his daughters but helped them find their beauty, wisdom and power. He’s also helped many women in business find their goddess-in-business powers.

Look behind the Trump children. You’ll see a whole lot of women supporters. I’ve even had Hillary supporters say they only see men in his vast crowds. Are they blinded by their political bias? To deny their existence, is that not a psychological form of sexist abuse?

Trump for President: Astrological PredictionsThe Gemini is a person of many shades of personality, as I’ve detailed in my examination of Trump in Trump for President: Astrological Predictions.*) What he said in the bus to Access Hollywood’s boy toy Billy Bush does not carry to his treatment of his daughters. They need not take back anything publicly said about this man as great father-mentor of their upbringing. The Gemini compartmentalizes his or her many personalities. The good father is not the lusty midlife-man in the bus “Billying” Bush a-boasting.

Do not take for granted the ability of the pliable, mutable astrological personality to adapt, change, and to learn to see things differently. Hillary Clinton and her husband who are ruled by a stubborn, single pointedness of the fixed organizer signs of Scorpio and Leo respectively might overlook this potential of mutable signs. It can be harder for such people to see the light and change themselves. Not so for the mutable Trump:

I’ve traveled the country talking about change for America, but my travels have also changed me. I’ve spent time with grieving mothers who’ve lost their children, laid-off workers whose jobs have gone to other countries, and people from all walks of life who just want a better future. I have gotten to know the great people of our country, and I’ve been humbled by the faith they’ve placed in me. I pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever let you down.

This is sincere and in my research for my book on Trump, I have heard stories of Trump’s caring and generous qualities, which he does not parade around publicly to stroke his ego or receive political gain. He has a side of warmth, humbleness and empathy that is shockingly unlike his public persona. The reason is, again, the natural born medium aspect. In private interchanges, he can channel a different Trump that isn’t drawing up the ugliness of masses of unconscious people at rallies. For a man so brash and egoistic in his mask to the public, there is also a private and sensitive man underneath that mask. It unfortunately hasn’t revealed itself often enough during the presidential campaign, because Trump is a very gifted – though unconsciously unfiltered – medium, channeling the collective unconscious of masses of people. That’s why he has harnessed their anger and often at the cost of being a catalyst for the mob’s racism, nativism.

The medium message coming through us is like the letter, and we are the mailmen. The mailman has to become more self-aware of what he’s sending to others. Trump is an unconscious mailman.

trump-and-clintonI’m going to say something for the intuitive record that is strange, but the future will know it is true. In this race between Trump and Clinton, Trump is the innocent one. He’s the more truthful, naked and honest, even when it is ugly. Clinton is the guarded candidate, calculating and secretive. She’s the one who has more overweening ambition to seize power, not him.

He doesn’t know this, but Trump’s ambition to become president is a journey. He’ll discover if he truly wants it by running. That’s often the path to truth for a Gemini. They think they want a thing but only discover really what they want by going deep into ambition’s process.

Hillary is the opposite. She’s the double-trouble Scorpio who has the ambition first and bends the world to her will. She will use what it takes to be president, and that’s why she’ll become the next president, and reap the consequences of blind ambition.

If Trump wanted it with blind hubris like Hillary, would he make so many gaffs? Wouldn’t he pretend to embrace larger audiences expectations, say anything to win the undecided like she does?

Trump would have been more careful of what he said, and looking over his shoulder at his darker self being caught on tape coming up to haunt him from his past.

New WikiLeaks revelations reveal Clinton has unprecedented mass media support

The Clinton Foundation will earn access and monetary influence if Hillary is elected. The Trump Organization has already lost clients, lost money big time, to humor Trump’s run for president. His run for president is hurting his fortune, he knows it. Yet he still goes on. It strangely shows he’s ready to sacrifice more for public service.

Notice therefore, how his fortunes are fading, literally while Clinton’s will to serve will only enhance the Clinton Foundation’s power and influence. Their stock increases with her political power, his diminishes. Thus in his own crack-brained and eccentric ways Trump is saying yes to the sacrifice of his fortune to serve the American people.

I see that his selfless service is far more authentic than Clinton’s self-serving power lust. Remember, I am not choosing sides. Neither of these creatures qualifies in my view to be your next president.

trumpI will say it again. Trump is the more authentic and honest – even innocent – of the two top candidates running. Because Clinton wouldn’t dare say in any apology, what Trump honestly said in last Friday night’s contrition message. Now he is speaking a truth that impacts all of your directly and you should listen well, because he’s read the motivations of this new scandal right:

Let’s be honest — we’re living in the real world. This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we’re facing today. We are losing our jobs, we’re less safe than we were eight years ago, and Washington is totally broken. Hillary Clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground.

In my estimation, Trump, who is absolutely wrong to be the next president, is absolutely right in what he said above. The ClintonCorp with the aid of Washington Post, holding this information to be released when corporately commanded to hurt Trump the most, is trying to distract you away from the real issues and the right confrontation you should have with all presidential candidates. Trump’s small hands, or his prick is a distraction. The creeping corporate coup, the structurally unsustainable fiat global economy, this new cold war pressed at Russia going suddenly hot at any moment, and your planet’s atmosphere going out of control are some of the many real issues that you should hold your candidates over the fire to account. The survival of your Republic and the future of your lives depend on that.

kennedy-and-mistresses kennedy-and-mistresses-2Kennedy with wife Jackie and his many mistresses, movie star Marilyn Monroe, socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer, Mafia Moll Judith C. Exner and acress Marlene Dietrich. Second photo with actress Angie Dickinson and stripper Blaze Starr.

What Trump said in a swank bus to TV hacks of Hollywood adenoidal, tabloidal infatuations is not important. I’ve no doubt you will find every modern president in the past 70 years, from Roosevelt, Johnson, Nixon and especially finagling John F. Kennedy, venting in private to the boys their own fair share of locker-room sexism. But here’s the difference: Trump in fact didn’t “screw” the women he marginalized to the degree Kenney did. Kennedy was knocking up mistresses, staff and starlets even in the White House, not many rooms away from wife and children.

Now them, will you hold that against Kennedy’s true virtues as a leader? Or, would Kennedy’s penis issues have you reject a man who would be president that saved you from the Cuban Missile Crisis? Should his sexual exploits and exploitation have denied you his role as presidential catalyst for the first big step in respecting Civil Rights, or launching Americans to the Moon?

So he had sex out of wedlock.

roosevelt-mistress-lucy-page-mercer-rutherfurd eisenhowerand-mistress-kay-somersbyFranklin Roosevelt’s long time companion and mistress Lucy Page Mercer Rutherfurd and next General and future president Eisenhower with his mistress Kay Somersby.

Even Roosevelt when posing for his portrait, had a brain aneurism and died in Georgia in the arms of one of his former mistresses.

Kennedy whoring around. Does that sound familiar, Mrs. Clinton?

Bill Clinton whored around.

You loved him, faults and all, and saw the bigger picture. You did not deny your husband Bill his moments of national accomplishment because he’s just another man with sexual weaknesses.

Thus the next thing Trump says in his apology bodes danger for the Clinton strategy to disclose Trumps celebrity sexism tape. Hillary Clinton has showed herself to be consistent making strategic blunders throughout her political career. This Scorpio has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of her bad choices and will do so again. Nevertheless, I do see how this new revelation could cause her blowback and make the election race very close again when it need not be. Even the remote possibility of an upset may have received new life from Clinton’s overkilling move.

Her going for Trump’s jugular could backfire on ClintonCorp. The not-so veiled and even truthful threat Trump offers at the end of his statement below, should make Hillary pause and reflect. She may have opened herself up for a very rough second debate experience where she could lose and Trump with gain sympathy and support. And even if she wins the debate, a wave of ads will be saturating the airwaves in the final weeks before the election that will dig up, chapter and verse many of Clinton’s unmentionables and it could hurt her and make this election and her victory the most nationally divisive yet.

I’ve said some foolish things, but there’s a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days. See you at the debate on Sunday.

Exactly! The Clinton camp has so far been pretty good at getting Trump to foolishly counterpunch to their advantage and take the bait, like the Khan-job did. Counterpunching Muslim American parents who lost their son in the fighting in Iraq was the beginning of the end. He stepped right into that one.

bill-clinton-mistress-monica-lewinsky-hugIt may be Clinton’s turn to step into her own mess. When she’s on top, she becomes arrogant and overconfident. That is motivated by her very strong inferiority complex that a lot of pathologically ambitious politicians hide in secret from even themselves. She had Trump down in Debate One, and started gloating, even at the end of the debate. She would have been aided better not to trigger the long waiting Washington Post dirt on Trump about the sexist tape. He was going down in the polls on his own stupid stream of missteps. Now she’s given him an opening to talk about her husband’s serial abuse of women “and” her culpability as a suppressor and tormentor of his mistresses.

She now opens herself to being revealed as someone who looks like doesn’t love her husband as much as she loves the access to power and ambition that her hubby provides. So she’ll fight for him, and bear his betrayals as a philanderer, because what he accesses for her is more important than love and truth.

He is her doorway to power.

Her love of Bill is not blind. Ambition to become the most powerful human being on the planet blinds her love.

Trump in Debate Two is poised to expose and illuminate that dark side of Hillary Clinton. She’s opened her armored protection herself and now lies exposed for his counterattack.

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