A Disidentification with the Past


Having given sannyas to a man from England, the twin brother of a sannyasin, Osho explained the meaning of his name – Anand Bhagwata – to him, and then went on to talk about the significance of having a new name….


Sannyas is a disidentification with the past… a new beginning, a new being, a fresh breeze, a rebirth. All that is implied in giving you a new name. One name was given to you by your mother and father. Now I am giving you another name. That one name was given to you so you could function well in life. Without a name it would be very difficult to function. One needs a label, one needs some indentification, one needs some identity card. People need some name to call you by, to address you. They have given you one name for the world. I am giving you another name for God, not for the world.

God will also need a name so that he can call you, so he can provoke you, so that whenever he wants to say something it can be addressed to you. The sannyas name is simply a new address – a new address fundamentally meant for God, for the whole existence. So this is a turning point.

You may not be even aware of what a great jump you are taking. By and by after you have taken it, you will become aware. There are many things that you know only when you have done them. In fact there is no other way to know them. Many people ask me, ‘What is sannyas?’ It is very difficult to say. It is something that has to be experienced. It is something that has to be tasted.

So you are moving in a new territory from this moment – with a new name, with a new dress, with a new identity. And now you belong to me and you become part of me from this moment. It is a great responsibility too, because now whatsoever you do I will be associated with it. Good or bad – whatsoever your action – now my name will be associated with it. And I never give any discipline. I never say, ‘Do this, do that.’ I simply want you to be aware that now you have to be responsible. And then move in freedom.

By becoming a sannyasin you are changing your very way of life. Right now it will be just a small stream. Mm? It is just as a great river is born as a very small stream – not even a stream but just a fountain. By and by it gathers more and more water and becomes a big river. Right this moment it is just drops. Soon you will become vast….

Osho, The Shadow of the Whip, Ch 2

Bhagwata, twin brother of Niket, died in Corfu from a heart attack on 6th October 2016.

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