Rising in Love


Beautiful photos from an Osho Retreat in Washington DC, facilitated by Swami Chaitanya Keerti.


In a suburban community of Washington DC, in Centreville, Virginia, more than fifty meditators found solitude at DhyanYoga Wellness Center where they gathered for the Rising in Love Osho Meditation Retreat.

Both new and old faces came together to create an energetic atmosphere of joy, love and celebration. Surrounded by forests and serene nature, DhyanYoga is a haven just outside of the nation’s capital. Participants joined the retreat from all over North America, many of them are from Toronto, Atlanta, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC and other neighboring towns.

The retreat began on Friday evening, October 14, followed by two days of intensive meditations. The meditations ranged from Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini, Evening Satsang with the Master, Devavani, No-Mind, Nataraj and more. Keerti, visiting from India, facilitated the retreat and helped guide many fellow travelers by sharing his love and wisdom. It was the perfect retreat to live Osho’s vision of Zorba the Buddha; we had lots of celebrations; meditating, dancing, singing, laughing, eating yummy food and living in comfortable lodgings.

DhyanYoga will be holding daily classes and monthly events where anyone is welcome to participate. Some formats include: Osho meditations, yoga classes, evening satsangs, silent retreats, dancing buddhas, mindful movies, musical concerts, and many more events to support those on their inner journey.


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