Under the Blueberry Bushes


Priya Huffman reads one of her poems from the book ‘Bone and Breath’.


Under the Blueberry Bushes

  Under the Blueberry Bushes (with intro)  


had I not

been sheltering

from a savage sun

I may not have seen

the slow muscular unfolding

inching its way towards me


over cedar sawdust, tiny antennae

twitchingly attuned to danger and light


it too needed shelter, its fat

viscous body too exposed

for a sharp bright world

as was Dayna’s first poem


pale words

newly born

without skin


and how smoothly

her voice gathered

with each new poem

stretching open wide

with the sheer daring

of it all


compelled forward

to the cool spot

the banana slug’s ridged

back flattened by stretch

gathered by contraction


its rhythm measured

its poem ancient.


Priya HuffmanPriya Huffman – author of ‘The Territory of Home’ and of ‘Bone and Breath’. priyahuffman.com

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