Stream in Flow

Art Gallery

Sandipa shows her nature-inspired paintings in our art gallery.

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Center of Wondering, 71 x 152 cm
Seven Days in Heaven, 84 x 152 cm
Freedom Winds, 76 x 152 cm
Moonflower Flying, 91 x 182 cm
Lalgambook: Billabong, 115 x 140 cm
Kowhai: Falling Petal, 112 x 122 cm
Gold Country: Tarilda Creek, 110 x 140 cm
Cockatoo Moon, 90 x 140 cm
Sunset Moonrise: Recipients of Moonlight, 91 x 140 cm
Earth and Sky: Flow of Grace, 71 x 106 cm
For the Poet to Speak, 125 x 165 cm
Harmony in Lily Flat Major, 75 x 165 cm
Bush Garden, 72 x 137 cm
Moss Mountains Meet, 70 x 105 cm
Natural World, 90 x 120 cm

Painting is a visual language – to me it’s like a dialogue where colour, form, energy communicate, silently and mysteriously.

The central vision in my paintings is held by the wonder of the natural world and the celebration of people in it. I love the process of it – a balanced spontaneity, a time of being present in an intuitive world where I ride on the wings of creativity, in celebration and love.

In gratitude to existence, to Osho and his people who help me understand and deepen the extraordinary world of meditation and creativity.

SandipaPainting has been part of Sandipa’s creative life journey. In the late 70s she found her way overland from New Zealand to India. She was in Poona, on the Ranch and in Pune 2 for many years, participating in Osho’s way of meditation, celebration, living creatively, whilst working mainly designing Osho’s books. Sandipa has been exhibiting her paintings in Australasia and previously in Santa Fe, USA. She currently has her studio in the highlands near Melbourne, a country place she shares with Sambodhi Prem who fills the space with inspirational music.

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