Horoscope January 2017


The alliance of Jupiter and Uranus that began in December and provides momentum and imagination and Saturn’s stabilising effect are now complemented by Neptune, says Sitara.


White scorpio symbol

Sun 11° Capricorn – 12° Aquarius
Moon 12°Aquarius – 1° Aries
Mercury, retrograde from 7th 3°  – 21° Capricorn
Venus 27° Aquarius – 28° Pisces
Mars 10° Pisces – 3° Aries
Jupiter 21° – 23° Libra
Saturn 21°– 25° Sagittarius
Chiron 21°- 22° Pisces
Uranus 21° Aries
Neptune 10° – 11° Pisces
Pluto 17° – 18° Capricorn
North Node 6° – 5° Virgo
Lilith 25° – 28° Scorpio
Full Moon, 12th 12.34 h GMT 22° Cancer
New Moon, 28th, 1.08 h GMT 0° Aquarius


Mood of the Moment

The alliance of Jupiter and Uranus that began in December and provides momentum and imagination and Saturn’s stabilizing effect are now complemented by Neptune. Neptune and Pisces act as the determining forces in this month, usually characterized by Capricorn. This means that instead of a factual attitude oriented to specifics, a mood based on feelings and longings dominates. On the one hand this induces softness and compassion which is good as long as you deal with well-meaning people. But Neptune’s airbrushing prevents precise assessment and the ability to set clear limits that are needed as soon as one has to deal with difficult situations or people.

Moreover, in the first half of the month Mercury is not yet fit after moving retrograde for several weeks, which may entail misunderstandings and careless mistakes. Venus’ romantic ideas unfortunately don’t help here either. Those who can should rather take a meditative time-out during this period – but first make sure that during one’s absence all essentials are taken care of!

In the second half of January, more sober-mindedness calls in with Saturn and Chiron. This is certainly not always pleasant, but can prevent things from getting completely out of hand. Thanks to Pluto, at the end of the month one’s own thinking will be again top notch.


AriesAries: Neptune infuses your life with his delicate winter light, helping you now to respond to situations more flexibly and relaxed. With him you disengage easier from old identifications which have often put you under pressure – for you realise more clearly that you are integrated in something larger that supports you. This is not self-evident to the great doer in you, and habit can make you lapse again and again into doing things merely for the sake of doing. As soon as you realise that, trust yourself to trust!


TaurusTaurus: Your predilection for wellbeing and harmony could take over now and subsequently lead to disappointment. After all, life is always a blend of harmonious and inharmonic sounds. Hence you are called upon to face facts and come to a deeper understanding of this blend. In the first half of the month pay more attention to details, even if the pink clouds acquire gray speckles as a result. In the second half you can ensure in practice that gray and pink form a balanced whole.


GeminiGemini: Fortunately, flexibility is one of your greatest strengths, because in the first half of January there can be some flip flopping. Spiritual and practical points of view wrestle with each other and both are important in order to analyse and understand situations in their entirety. On the one hand your life now needs higher goals that you get enthusiastic about, on the other hand, you need reliable cornerstones you can stick to. In the second half of the month you will gain more clarity on how your ideals are to be realised and will implement them.


CancerCancer: A sober attitude and pragmatic approach pave the way for you in January. Around the Full Moon, however, your desiring mind comes into effect. This means that your demands to life will increase, meaning that dreams of great happiness or great love gain more weight than the happiness or love you encounter on a daily basis. In this discontentment you are also not good enough for yourself. Use your mind to investigate situations clearly, instead of believing in catch phrases.


LeoLeo: Start the year meditatively – Pluto now intensifies everything, and only when you are awake and centred can his Death and Rebirth-processes really renew and enrich your life. Uranus will then also contribute creative ideas instead of ripping as a revolutionary through your life. With the Full Moon desires, demands and ambitions grow – either your own to others and / or those of others to you. The more you make sure that both, you and others, feel secure and comfortable, the more relaxed the situation will become.


VirgoVirgo: The theme is ‘love and loving’. You are looking for a form that suits you – neither to lose yourself completely in love, nor to shut yourself out of love. How does it work? It depends on the object of love. The simplest way is to find your form when love is directed toward the great, the divine, nature, or life, because here you will not have to face other egos . For loving other egos, however, you need much more humbleness; this is Chiron’s specialty who touches your heart at the end of January.


LibraLibra: A month of devotion if you are willing. Devotion has great creative potential when you surrender to what is truly greater than you. If, however, you squander your devotion to something that is not worth it, you will end up on the offside. But how to discern one from the other? True devotion exalts – it inspires you without feeding your ego. And with it, you do not make any conditions, it fulfills itself. Blind devotion, on the other hand, robs you of strength and self-confidence. Actually quite simple.


ScorpioScorpio: You start the year vigorously and solid. January bestows a wealth of beneficial influences that embellish your relationships and make things easier for all business activities; others appreciate your authenticity. At the end of the month the time is favorable for all meetings, for exchange and joint learning, but also suited for exploring topics that matter to you privately and alone. Or lie down comfortably on the sofa with a good book and let yourself be inspired!


SagittariusSagittarius: If at all possible, make important decisions only after the 12th, which saves you unnecessary paths. In mid-January, don’t let yourself be provoked by impressive performances of others; behind the scenes it often looks quite differently. Rather, stick to those who are close and precious to you. Also Saturn is testing your self-esteem now. There are delays in your projects and also friction among one another. If you are not rigid about your attitudes and procedures now, everything will soon come back into flux.


CapricornCapricorn: You are starting the month with high energy, which calls for immediate actions. However, for making final decisions too much information is missing; hence wait until the second half of the month when your thinking is more clear and balanced. Also, don’t let yourself be pushed into action by others while you still lack the overview, or if you feel that your visions are still immature. In the last third of the month the point is to cultivate relationships, get into conversations and deepen your insights.


AquariusAquarius: In the first half of the month you rub once again on established structures whose flaws are clearly penetrated by your innovative mind. The flaws of this keen mind itself are that it often has difficulties to present implementable solutions. If you can make it to become an expert also in this field, it would greatly enrich your own and the lives of your fellow human beings. The New Moon in Aquarius at the end of January is a starting point into this creative direction.


PiscesPisces: Relationships are the great Pisces theme in January, especially those in which it sparkles and crackles. However, it is more appropriate for you to immerse yourself with one or more people in a deep emotional exchange, which can be erotic but does not have to be. More important is the feeling of flow, and when there is also an alert clarity at play, it is meditation at the highest level. The second half of the month brings challenges: processes stall and some things run very imperfectly. Do not worry – this too this has its validity.


Sitara TNSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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