Osho Chair in Gujarat Now Officially Established

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Satya Vedant sent us an update about the Osho Chair at the V.N.S.G South Gujarat University in Surat, India.

I feel so happy to share the following news. Indeed, beloved Osho’s blessings are infinite.

After having fulfilled the required university procedures, the Osho Chair has now been established. The formal inauguration/celebration of the Osho Chair by Pujya Shree Morari Bapu will take place on Sunday, 22nd January 2017.

We shall offer workshops, seminars, and lectures, focused on one of the sevenfold Osho Chair Basic Framework, which is Life Empowerment. We will have an opportunity to register/enroll anyone interested in learning about Osho’s Vision as presented under this dimension of the Osho Chair.

The initial workshops now slated for January 7th and 8th, 2017 at the VNSG South Gujarat University are:

Dr. Bhadrayu Vachharajni
on the Art of Counseling

Satya Vedant (aka Dr Vasant Joshi)
on Managing Stress and Making a Difference

Dr. Nidhi Rastogi
on Emotional Wellness

Aarit Goswami shall be
Facilitator Assistant, Osho Chair

In the meantime, we continue to raise funds for the office space and required infrastructure such as furniture, computer etc. for the Osho Chair. And we can already count on a team of Osho’s sannyasins who are enthusiastically willing to commit their time and expertise for contributing into the Osho Chair Syllabus and its offering.

I shall keep you updated and look forward to hearing from you. I send Osho’s beloveds a garden full of love.

Osho’s Blessings.

Satya VedantSatya Vedant is a regular contributor

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