Horoscope May 2017


The second of three harmonious meetings between Uranus and Saturn takes place in the second half of May. Hence, within this year, young and old, new and traditional, future and past will come to a harmonious whole, says Sitara.

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Sun 11° Taurus – 11° Gemini
Moon 13° Cancer – 4° Virgo
Mercury, from 3rd direct 25° Aries – 20° Taurus
Venus 1° – 25° Aries
Mars 7° – 28° Gemini
Jupiter, retrograde 15° – 13° Libra
Saturn, retrograde 27° – 26° Sagittarius
Chiron 27° – 28° Pisces
Uranus 25° – 27° Aries
Neptune 14° – Pisces
Pluto, retrograde 19° Capricorn
North Node 29° – 28° Leo
Lilith 9° – 12° Sagittarius
Full Moon, 10th, 21.44 h GMT 20° Scorpio
New Moon, 25th, 19.46 h GMT 5°  Sagittarius


Mood of the Moment

Much adjusts itself during May and on the whole, there are only a few challenging constellations. The usual back and forth, connected to retrograde Mercury, is essentially behind us. Thus, many things can be arranged and clarified, which were still up in the air during April. In particular, the head becomes clearer, which facilitates all forms of communication. Things get going again and as soon as Mercury enters Taurus, plans and undertakings can be vigorously realized.

In the second half of the month, the second of three harmonious meetings between Uranus and Saturn takes place. Hence, within this year, young and old, new and traditional, future and past will come to a harmonious whole. We are now entering the second half of this process, which means that still some unfinished business needs to be dealt with before we can move ahead. These completions are welcome, since it is clear that they cannot be postponed. However, nothing should ever be undertaken by means of come hell or high water – something that is basically clear to all parties anyway.

At the end of May there are two possible stumbling blocks: emotional entanglements and impatience. Both can be resolved by establishing a creative distance in tense circumstances. So, step out of the situation, take a deep breath and have another look! Only then decide whether to return to the situation or rather remain outside. Basically, a wait-and-see attitude is now better than premature action.


AriesAries: In many respects, it is harvest time now. In the beautiful month of May, Venus remains faithful to you, and you can reap the fruits of the development of your heart’s qualities. Also, at the beginning of the month, knowledge and ideas that matured since March will unfold. The more superficial acquaintances that prospered during this time will also prove to be beneficial – as long as you do not try to make demands on others. At the end of May, hold back a little, both in conversation and in action; otherwise Saturn will slam on the brakes.


TaurusTaurus: This month is of great intensity. This may be unusual during the first third, but if you get emotionally involved, it will bring about deeply satisfying experiences. From mid-May onwards, Mercury will help you make the most of those experiences, by verbalizing and finding concrete forms of expression for them. In the last third of the month tensions could arise because you tend to demand too much from others or from life itself. Relax with what is, otherwise the abundance of being cannot reveal itself to you.


GeminiGemini: An inspiring month, rich in variety! In the first half of May, action and setting out for new horizons are on the agenda, something which has been in the making already since the end of March. Starting from the 10th, it gradually becomes quieter, and you can get into better structuring of the new and think more thoroughly about various issues. This is a good idea especially at the end of the month when Saturn is pushing for an effective and well-founded approach before clearing the way for the implementation of your creative ideas.


CancerCancer: The North Node in Leo signifies the beginning of 1 ½ years that will be mainly about your creative self-expression. Show what you are and stand up for it, even if it changes from time to time. You are not obliged to have always the same personality. On the contrary, your development is a gift to others, but it is helpful if you express yourself. This is when the Gemini New Moon comes just right – a master of words, analyses and explanations. It will help you out at the end of May.


LeoLeo: Should your demands make life difficult for you in the beginning of May, Neptune will help provide you with a laissez-faire attitude; with Pluto’s support the Scorpio Full Moon is also a highlight. Courage and energy, and the willingness to engage yourself fully in your relationships, gives you grounding. Now you can put all your eggs into one basket, because you are centred in your humanness and don’t want to present more than who you are. In the second half of May, the spring like Gemini energy eases your thoughts, feelings and actions.


VirgoVirgo: After the confusions in April, a lot will fall into place during the first half of May. Misunderstandings are clarified and mistakes corrected, which opens new doors and you can regain the feeling of being on firm ground. In the last third of the month, you need again more flexibility. People are different and not everyone can match your expectations.  Preserving equanimity in view of this, or even better, developing humour, would make life much easier for you.


LibraLibra: In the course of the first half of May, you constantly gain confidence, assertiveness, and a willingness to position yourself boldly towards others. The peak of this development will be reached by mid-month and from then on you need to be vigilant to remain in your power. All self-confident people are going to be challenges. But there is also a challenge within: too high a measure consumes your strength, because neither you nor situations ever satisfy yourself.


ScorpioScorpio: In this month, you learn from your countersign, Taurus: security rather than risk, waiting instead of demanding, receiving instead of renewing, simplicity rather than complication, coexistence rather than mistrust. Complement your profundity with practical thinking, add sensuality to your passion, add spirit to your will power. By the end of the month, rather rely on your ingenious mind than on your intense feelings and the resulting impulses. The latter will bring you little luck now.


SagittariusSagittarius: Do not be overly impressed by a possible dramatic entry into May. Soon everything returns to a wonderful order, which includes almost all areas of life. In the second half of the month some tensions come up, especially in your relationships. Promise no more than you can and want to, and in general, understatement is better than exaggeration. The Saturn-Uranus trine will help you stay centred and protect you from impatience or rigidity at the end of May.


CapricornCapricorn: In the first three weeks of May all the planet forces have your back. You reap the fruits of your efforts for sincere and direct communication and you can set your sights on new targets with great momentum. You also have the necessary energy available, but there is still a hurdle to jump at the end of the month. This time is not suitable to force things, even personal relationships are of little use to you. Communicate and employ your mind to analyse which steps will take you further.


AquariusAquarius: Questions that have been on your mind since March will now find an answer, and you can already start with the implementation this month. However, the overall process of realizing your plans will continue until the end of the year. There is no reason for restlessness, everything takes its best possible course. Come up with some ideas how to incorporate what has been proven harmoniously into your life rather than forcibly looking for new solutions. Bustling Mars in Gemini will get you in touch with the right people.


PiscesPisces: Don’t force anything this month but count on everything falling into place. But this is no reason to become a puppet for people and events; preserve your dignity. Even if you are ready to take everything as it is, you are a fellow player and can act at your own discretion. Your discretion is based on your assessment of the situation in combination with your desires. Allow your desires and commit to them if you think they have the chance of fulfilment.


Sitara TNSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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