Criminal turns into an upright man after meeting Osho

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Ageh Bharti recalls meeting Advocate Heera Singh Chauhan in the late sixties, who tells him about meeting Osho who visited Jabalpur prison while he was incarcerated.

When I heard a story about Advocate Heera Singh Chauhan that involved Osho, I decided to meet him in person and listen to him directly; it might have been 1968 or 69 when I met with him. When I asked about his encounter with Osho, he narrated as follows:

In 1966 I was incarcerated in Jabalpur’s Central Jail as a prisoner, and one day we were told that a saint would be coming to address us. I was a bit surprised as to what a saint would address us here in the jail. However, we assembled in a hall at a certain time to wait for Osho (known as Acharya Rajneesh at the time). As he came, it felt so nice to see him walk and take his seat so gracefully. He wore only a white lungi and had covered the upper portion of his body with a white shawl. He was welcomed by a government minister and the warden.

Osho standing in courtyard

Osho told the warden that he would like to be introduced to the prisoners first and hence the warden introduced the prisoners one by one. When he reached me, the warden told Osho that “this prisoner has been sentenced for the second time under Section 302, i.e. a murder case.”

Osho said, “How wrong is the society where such a beautiful boy has to commit murder.”

Listening to his comment, a ray of light entered my being and I thought, “Oho, I am a beautiful boy!” Nobody else had commented so nicely in my entire life. At the time I had already in mind, when I would be released, to kill two more fellows who had given witness statements against me. My friends, relatives, and parents never thought me to be a good man. Whosoever came to see me, he/she would say only one thing, “If you get released, don’t do such crimes anymore.” It meant that everyone considered me to be a criminal. But Osho’s comment changed my life totally. I decided then, if I got released, I would complete my graduation, post graduation and then I would study for a LLB (law degree).

And really it happened by the grace of God that I got released as the charges against me could not be proven. I then completed my studies as planned and became a reputed Advocate of the High Court. My whole family feels indebted to Osho that their spoiled son turned to be a respectable man in the city of Jabalpur.

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