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The Tejas Express with coaches in attractive orange hues has begun running between Mumbai and the tourist state of Goa. Published by BBC News, 25 May 2017.

Most of those who have visited and travelled in India have at one time or another used the amazing Indian train system. Amazing in all aspects – and an adventure too. Now here’s news:

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The first luxury train made in India has just been flagged off. The Tejas Express has air-conditioned carriages, reclining seats and an on-board entertainment system featuring Bollywood films. The train leaves from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Karmali.

Train 7

Passengers shown on board the Tejas Express luxury train during its first journey between Mumbai and Goa.

Train 2

The train also boasts wi-fi, a selection of games and even audio channels.

Train 3

The Tejas Express takes eight-and-a-half hours to reach Goa from Mumbai – only marginally quicker than regular services.  

Train 8

The 20-coach train has automatic doors and secured gangways for all coaches, a first for Indian Railways. It is capable of reaching speeds of 124 mph (200 kmph), but there are speed restrictions on the line.

Staff paste stickers below an emergency window of the Tejas Express luxury train before its first journey. It is scheduled to run five times a week, apart from during India’s four-month monsoons when it will run three days a week.

Train 6

A catering trolley offers food and vending machines dispense tea and coffee on the train.

Train 5

Passengers wave to relatives who see them off. “It is like what airlines offer,” one passenger told the AFP news agency. “I think this train a good idea.”

Train 9

Tickets in second class cost around 1,190 rupees ($18; £13) while first class tickets are in the range of 2,590 rupees.

Train 4

If the service proves to be popular, officials plan to expand it to other lines, starting with neighbouring Gujarat state.

All photo credit to AFP

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