One has to be a rebel


During sannyas darshan, Osho says to Anand Maria (Praveeta), “Rebel against all that is untrue, rebel against that which is imposed by others. Rebel against the status quo, rebel against all the vested interests. Rebel against the past.”

Osho in darshan

Anand Maria. Anand means bliss. Bliss is the ultimate state of consciousness, the purest form of being, utterly devoid of all content. When there is no reflection in the mirror of consciousness, when the mirror is utterly empty, that is the moment of turning, the moment of revolution. Suddenly all that was dark before becomes light and all that was misery becomes bliss and all that was death becomes eternal life.
The secret is simple, simple to say but arduous to follow, simple to state but difficult to practise. The secret is: one has to empty one’s mind totally of all content: thoughts, memories, imagination, desires. There is a great crowd in the mind. That crowd is like dust clinging to the mirror of your being. And there are layers and layers of dust, and the mirror has almost become a no-mirror. It mirrors nothing because the dust is so much.

Becoming a sannyasin means that you are taking a tremendous step towards emptying all this rubbish that one naturally gathers as one moves in life. And we have been moving in life for millions and millions of years. This is not our first life: we have lived in many forms, in many bodies. Bodies go on dying but the mind goes on accumulating. The mind is so greedy that it never leaves anything; it goes on accumulating. And the mind has such tremendous capacity to accumulate that it is almost unbelievable.

Modern scientists say that a single mind can contain all the libraries of the world. It has such great capacity to memorize, to accumulate, and it has accumulated. It has accumulated so much, that’s why the difficulty of dropping it. And one feels afraid of the emptiness also, that once all desires, thoughts and memories are gone one will be utterly empty. But to be empty is to be ready to be filled by God.

That is the first requirement, otherwise all your prayers are false. That is the basis when one can invite God. One is ready, and the moment one is ready God comes. When you are utterly empty, something from the beyond descends in you. Call it God, call it truth, call it bliss; it is the same.

And “Maria” is also a very beautiful word: it means revolution. It is the name of Jesus’ mother. And I love it because only out of revolution a man like Jesus is born. The birth of Christ-consciousness can only be out of the womb of revolution. One has to be a rebel. Rebel against all that is untrue, rebel against that which is imposed by others. Rebel against the status quo, rebel against all the vested interests. Rebel against the past. Rebel against all that in some way or other creates a bondage.

And all that the society teaches you creates bondage. The whole system of education is nothing but to create prisoners. It is a very subtle mechanism to keep people unalive, to allow them only minimum of life. And it is a great conspiracy against men because it poisons their consciousness. It makes them ambitious, ambitious for money, power, prestige. And life is so short that they waste their precious life running after futile things.

The real education will not teach you ambition, cannot teach you ambition. It will teach you the beauty of being non-ambitious… because only a non-ambitious person can be loving and compassionate, and only a non-ambitious person can be really humane. Only a non-ambitious person can be non-violent, non-greedy, non-jealous.

The real education will not teach you how to move into the world of power and politics. It will teach you how to go in, how to turn in. It will teach you the inner journey. It will not teach you concentration; it will teach you meditation. But whatsoever exists in the name of education today never teaches you meditation. Certainly it teaches you concentration, because concentration is the way of the violent mind. Be focused on a target and put your whole energy into it, because life is a tug-of-war and you have to fight, and you have to be tough. You have to become an arrow moving with one-pointed concentration towards a target.

Meditation is a totally different phenomenon; it is not concentration. Meditation is relaxation. Concentration is narrowing of the consciousness. Meditation is widening of consciousness, opening all the doors, just being silent, relaxed, just being with oneself, just going in and in and in, being centered in one’s own being.

But society is not willing that people should relax so much, that people should go so much inwards because the moment they go inwards, the moment they relax, they cannot be reduced into slaves. They become rebels.

Truth makes everybody a rebel. And the experience of one’s own ultimate life makes one utterly fearless. One knows then even death cannot destroy, so who cares? Nobody can force a person to do something who knows that he is eternal. There is no power in the world who can crush such a soul. You can destroy his body, you can crucify him like you crucified Jesus, you can poison him like you poisoned Socrates, but you cannot destroy his soul. His soul remains free; he knows what freedom is. The society is very much afraid of people who know the taste of freedom. And that’s what happens when you go in.

Maria is a beautiful name. It is really synonymous with religion; rebellion is religion. Be blissful and you will be a rebel; be a rebel and you will attain to bliss. They go together like two wheels of a bullock cart; they move together.

Osho, Snap Your Fingers, Slap Your Face and Wake Up!, Ch 10 – 10 June 1979

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