Praveeta (Anand Maria)


(14/3/1953 – 30/5/2017)


Ma Anand Praveeta (previously Anand Maria) of Austin, Texas, US, left her body May 30, 2017, peacefully and aware, surrounded by love and grace as witnessed by her long-term partner, Anand Navaneet, and their son, Prem Amiten.

Praveeta was born March 14, 1953, in Mexico DF, Mexico, and was given the name Maria Elena. Her parents moved the family to Tijuana, Mexico, when Praveeta was two months old. She grew up in that border city, the third of six children. She received a Master’s Degree in Psychology in Guadalajara, then lived and worked in Monterey and Xalapa until she went to Pune, where she met Osho and took sannyas in June 1979.

Those who knew her as a child, will remember that she loved to lie on the grass in the front yard of the family home and look at all the stars, and as a teen, she will be remembered as a graceful dancer (ballet, folklorico, jazz and, of course, rock). A younger brother remembers her for her irreverence, her willingness to risk disapproval and to do things her own way. She was a rebel at an early age. Her younger sister fondly remembers when Praveeta explained to her that they were chopatitas, a made-up word for buddy sisters. Another brother credits Praveeta with her awareness and understanding of what people around her were dealing with personally, and her knack for offering help was a forerunner of her ability as a healthcare professional to help her clients gain new insight into their life circumstances.

At Rajneeshpuram, Praveeta worked initially in housekeeping, then she had various assignments including security, restaurant cook, and ambulance driver.

After living in Oregon at the Rajneesh Commune for four years, Praveeta, Navaneet and Amiten returned to Austin in the mid-1980’s. They had been among the last one hundred or so residents of the ranch community.

In Austin, Praveeta established a food production business and catering service – this from one whose mom had once told her that she would never need to work with her hands, and certainly that she would never need to cook. Among several food products that she had in her cookbook, including the popular Basil Bliss salad dressing, her signature seller was vegetarian sushi. Praveeta introduced sushi to Whole Foods Market when no other stores in Austin sold fresh sushi. Like the kid who looked at the stars, she went to Whole Foods one day looking for sushi, found none, so she spoke to the manager and the sushi star was born. Later her sushi would be featured in the Austin Statesman and the New York Times.

Her success with sushi was recognized further when she was invited to be one of the staff of founding cooks at Casa de Luz, where she prepared tasty meals at the popular macrobiotic community center. The irreverent part showed up as her skill with Mexican and Indian spicing created a bit of controversy for the patrons who wanted their macro meals to be purely macrobiotic.

As passionate and successful as she was with high-quality foods, Praveeta jumped into a new career in healthcare. At the very period in time that she made a decision to study acupuncture, the director of a well-known school in Santa Fe, NM, moved his operations to Austin. With her eyes still on the stars, Praveeta graduated at the top of the initial class at Austin Oriental Medicine Academy (AOMA). She continued to cook and cater during the three years of studies at AOMA.

Immediately, her next career step was to get certification as a Diplomate of Esogetic Medicine, Colorpuncture, a new protocol using light and color. She trained with Ma Manohar in Boulder, CO, and at several programs where she met directly with Peter Mandel, the creator of Esogetics. She expanded her practice and became the first colorpuncture practitioner in Austin, one of the first in the US.

The significant influence of food on Praveeta blossomed as she made a point of teaching her colorpuncture clients about nutrition. She was continually researching nutrition so she could help her clients learn to support the healing process after the symptoms of illness were gone. For over three decades, Praveeta helped a broad range of people improve their health and then maintain their health.

Next in the progression of her work as a healer, Praveeta was invited to become a trainer of Esogetic Medicine and taught colorpuncture classes in various cities. Then, when she opened a new clinic in Austin, she had enough space to offer classes right in her clinic. While she had some initial reluctance about taking on the role and responsibility of teaching, it turned out that she had found another star. Her students loved her as a teacher as they embraced the new methodology.

Praveeta died from complications related to ovarian cancer twelve months after the diagnosis. For one who had been so widely known as a healer and who herself had never really experienced serious illness, ironically she spent a month toward the end of her life in a hospital while the oncologic team labored unsuccessfully to stop the cancer rampage.

Beloved Praveeta – love abides.

Text by Navaneet

Sannyas darshan: One has to be a rebel

A celebration of the life of Praveeta Rose will be held at Casa de Luz Community Center in Austin on Sunday, July 16, 2017.


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Praveeta represented for me the Presence of Osho for when I had been many years on the ranch and arrived in Austin Texas in the early 80s. Both she and Navaneet were so welcoming and opened their home to many of us for meditations and dinners, parties which made the transition back into the world very easy. In gratitude,
Prem Maharaj

Beloved Praveeta,
You are a blessing to so many
We raised our children together on the ranch…
Seeing the pictures reminds me of the love I feel for you
and Amiten and Navaneet.
THANK YOU, Beloved
I wish you a truly wonderful journey
dissolving back into consciousness without form.
Loving you,
Leela Waduda

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