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Phyllis Shacter shares a very personal story about love and courage – and her husband Alan’s choice to die with the aid of VSED, voluntary stopping eating and drinking. Recorded at TEDxBellingham.

Death is something most of us don’t want to think about. It frightens us. But I’m suggesting you take the time now to learn that you have more choices about the end of your life than you may be aware of. If you do this, you may have more joy and peace in your life today.

Phyllis Shacter began making unconventional lifestyle decisions when she attended U.C. Berkeley at 16 years old, during the Free Speech Movement. After college, she made pioneering choices, including living in an intentional community for much of her 20s and 30s. Her careers include 10 years as a teacher and school manager, 12 years as the founder and owner of a business and technology firm, and 10 years as a personal life and business coach. Phyllis is a teacher of living creatively and boldly, and is committed to educating people about more conscious ways of living and dying.

You can read the transcript of Phyllis Shacter’s talk on her website:

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