The daily commute has become entertainment


Believe it or not! – from the folks at Bored Panda.

Images taken on the London tube, some on New York’s subway and a special shot from Chicago – all show the creativity, originality and chutzpah of the passengers.

Brought his pet hamster straight from a hamster party
And why would I not have a raven with me?
Husky loves his new carrier bag
Nap time!
Good, baby stopped crying now
Time well spent preparing dinner
Ah, a modern minstrel!
Salad leaf? What salad leaf?
Yawn... another left-over from Halloween
Obama in a time warp
Well trained pit-bull
And why shouldn't we have a drink?
Worlds apart between Manhattan and Astoria
A long commute, might as well tuck in
Batman and Darth Vader? Who knew.
Clever choice of venue for case studies
You don't carry your cat around with you?
Meanwhile in Chicago: hmm, a bit off-putting

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