We don’t have to eat animals

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Joey Carbstrong (aka Joey Armstrong) is a 31 year-old Australian vegan activist, currently on tour of the UK and Ireland. We are showing a video of him having touched down in Scotland.

Joey has tens of thousands of YouTube and Instagram followers and on his tour attends daytime vigils and protests alongside fellow activists.

A former gang member, Joey spent six months in prison before turning his life around and becoming ‘full vegan’ for both ethical and health reasons. He said that in prison he had ‘an epiphany’ and became determined to turn his back on the criminal world.

In this video, he has an interaction with the police in front of a slaughterhouse in Edinburgh, to make them understand what is really going on inside.

“We just see the innocence in the animals and they obviously don’t know what is going to happen to them when they get into there (slaughterhouse)… this is the last interaction they have with human beings here.”

“This is your food, ‘I had a face, I did not want to die,’ and they are getting slaughtered against their will.”

“When you challenge someone’s belief system, and [this man] has been doing this since he was 16 years-old, so in his mind it’s just the way it is – but I am trying to open up an alternative in his mind that we have other things to eat, and he thinks that’s all we’ve got to eat, that we have to eat animal flesh, but we are living proof, we don’t.”

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