Subhash Ghai: Many policymakers of our country read Osho but hide it

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Subhash Ghai, in collaboration with Rome-based Navala Productions, is all set to produce a biopic about the controversial Indian guru Osho. Published in The Indian Express on June 6, 2018.

Indian Express

Subhash Ghai and Osho

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai recently announced his next production venture – a biopic on the controversial Indian guru Osho aka Bhagwan Rajneesh. He made the announcement at the Cannes Film Festival this year. In an exclusive conversation with, Subhash Ghai opens up on why a film on Osho is important amid the ongoing religious unrest in the country.

“Why not? I think our country is in need of Osho’s thought process the most right now,” said the filmmaker.

He added, “Most of the policymakers of the country read Osho but hide it. They have recognised the potential of the personality. There is an internal thought and external acceptance. The internal thought makes you trust and believe there is no God but you do not express. Why? That is explained by Osho. He makes you explore more than what you know or made to be believed, be it religion, God or caste.”

Subhash Ghai, who himself has been reading about Osho for over three decades, said Osho is “the biggest spokesperson of the 20th century and his ideologies would affect 21st century.” He added, “Just wait for 2050, Osho will be all over the world because people are fed-up living with hypocrisy. It would first hit the western culture. India needs it the most.”

However, when we asked the filmmaker why he choose to explore such a controversial personality’s life on-screen, Subhash remarked, “Was Jesus not controversial? He was nailed in the middle of the street. Gandhi was not controversial? He was shot dead. So, tell me… who was not controversial?” He added, “Whosoever has tried to go against the norms of the society has created a controversy.”

Spilling the beans on what the film is going to be like, Subhash Ghai assured that Osho’s biopic will not be preachy but an engaging courtroom drama. “It is going to be a court drama. It is going to be an interesting view on the personality. Osho offers so much material for filmmakers. You can make six films out of it,” said Subhash.

As he signed off, the filmmaker assured that Osho’s biopic will be completely different from Netflix’s Wild Wild Country, “That is a documentary. There is a difference between them both. So many documentaries have been made on Gandhi but people remember only the biopic made by Richard Attenborough. So, what do you understand out of it? I am sure Osho’s film will also be a blockbuster.”

The film is Mukta Arts’ first international collaboration. Subhash Ghai revealed that the film would be ready to hit the screens in 2019.

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