Playing the piano for a century

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Colette Maze is a French pianist of classical music. In this video, she speaks on how much music matters to her (French with English subtitles).

Born in 1914, Maze has been playing the piano since the age of 4 and has turned 104 this June. Her favourite composer has been from early on Claude Debussy, who lived close to her home but died when she was four years old.

Home-schooled by her parents for several years, Maze was accepted at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris. There, she learnt routines based on yoga and finger gymnastics, which she credits for her still-agile fingers on the keyboard.

She quips about her life with an endearing smile and shiny eyes, belying her age. She still lives in Paris, on the 14th floor of a 15-storey building near the Eiffel Tower, where she enjoys a panoramic view of Paris’ architectural landmarks.

I was old at 15. I am much younger now.

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Maze recently released her fourth album dedicated to Claude Debussy on the occasion of the centenary of his death, while also offering performances by Federico Mompou, Astor Piazzolla and Alberto Ginastera.

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