Slowly slowly meditation is bound to win over


Osho says there is no need to be mad and suggests, “why not meditate?”

Osho giving a talk

Only very intelligent people can commit suicide – and these are the same people who can become sannyasins. The same people who can commit suicide can become sannyasins for the simple reason that they have seen that this life is useless. Now either they have to find another life, another way of living, or it is pointless to continue. And they have courage enough, guts enough.

It does not need much intelligence to see that this life is really futile.

Murphy says: If the shoe fits it is ugly. If you like it, they don’t have it in your size. If you like it and it is in your size, it doesn’t fit anyway. If you like it and it fits, you can’t afford it. If you like it, it fits and you can afford it, it falls apart the first time you wear it.

Just a little intelligence and you will be able to see that’s what life is! Then if you have guts, either you commit suicide, you simply say to God, “Enough is enough!” or you transform your being – you become a sannyasin.

Many people ask me, “Why aren’t Indians coming to you?” Because they are not religious people, they are not intelligent, they don’t have guts and they don’t yet have the intelligence to see that life is futile, although they go on repeating like parrots that life is futile, life is illusion, it is all maya. But it is just a way of talking. Just as the English talk about the weather, Indians talk about metaphysics! Neither do the English mean anything….

One Englishman was coming from another town where he had gone to visit some friends. His horse, who was pulling his cart, suddenly said, “It is too hot.”

The Englishman could not believe his ears! And there was nobody else there, just his dog was sitting in the cart, so he said to the dog, “Have you heard?” He had to say it to somebody! “Have you heard?”

The dog said, “I have heard it many times. Everybody talks about the weather and nobody does anything about it!”

So English horses and dogs also talk about the weather. Indian horses and dogs talk about metaphysics, God-realization; they recite the Gita and the Vedas. But you don’t see any intelligence, you don’t see any brilliance, you don’t see any light in their eyes, you don’t see any response to reality.

It is better to be mad than to be stupid. But ordinarily, Raquibo, people are not mad, they are just on the verge of going mad at any moment. If you don’t turn your energies to meditation you will go mad.

And the difference between you and the mad people is only one of degree, remember. Maybe you are at ninety-nine degrees and the madman has crossed the boundary of one hundred degrees. And any small incident, any accident, can push you one degree more. Your wife escapes with somebody and that’s enough. Your business fails, the bank goes bankrupt, the government nationalizes – anything, just one degree, and you can be mad at any moment. But remember, it is better to be mad than to be stupid.

But there is no need to be mad. Why not meditate? And I have created so many mad kinds of meditations that you can be both together – mad and meditators! Slowly slowly meditation is bound to win over.

Sujata has asked, “Osho, I have three questions to ask you. How did you discover Kundalini meditation?” – the first question.

Simple, Sujata: Meditating down by the river upon a hill of red ants!

And second: “And Dynamic?” That is even more simple, Sujata; it was almost impossible not to discover it. I came upon it driving on Indian roads in Indian cars!

And third: “And what about Nadabrahma?” Hm!

Osho, Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen, Ch 7, Q 3 (excerpt)

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