Alaya – Songs for Earth & Sky

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Raso’s songs in this recently-released CD are based on meditation and arose from her life with Osho and love of the wild earth.

Alaya Songs for Earth and SkyAlaya – Songs for Earth & Sky, released by Misty Ridge Media, is an offering of music to uplift and calm in chaotic times, a celebration of wild earth and the inner sky of meditation.

Alaya means abode, the inner abode, the inner sky where all things come into harmony and return to their essential dharmata, their nature. Here inner and outer dissolve leaving “only one sky.”

The lush layers and textures of this CD along with Raso’s interwoven harmonies transport the listener on a nourishing healing journey, walking on the ground of this very earth. The songs encourage us to go on, go deeper, and to flourish in the beauty and wisdom of nature.

“Several years ago I returned to my musical roots. Bringing these songs forth has been fiery, exciting and rich,” Raso says. “I hope this music can help us attune to intrinsic, nourishing beauty, and to move lightly over rocky ground.”

1. Ancient Song 5:21
2. Treasure 5:33
3. Single Point 4:46
4. Waves 5:19
5. Breath 4:48
6. This Very Earth 5:36
7. Amrit Vela 4:13
8. Chaparral 4:54
9. Cloud-Capp’d Towers 1:20
10. Alaya 5:53
11. With an Eye Made Quiet 4:47
12. Lullaby 4:03
Total Time: 56:38

Listen to samples:
Audio CD and mp3: –

RasoRaso took sannyas in 1981 and lived in Rajneeshpuram and Pune Two. She is a singer, songwriter, poet, playwright, long-term practitioner and teacher of Aikido, and a lifelong wanderer of nature’s wild places. Her music is an offering of the heart toward healing ourselves, our communities, and the earth. She lives on forested land outside Missoula, Montana USA.

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