(25 September 1943 – 30 March 2019)


Puja Anugita was born in Belgium, into a family with two elder brothers. For her studies of Dutch language, she moved to the Netherlands, where she mainly lived in Amsterdam. For a few years she worked for VPRO, an organisation that made alternative and socially involved television programmes. Later she had various short-term jobs.

On 13 February 1983 she took sannyas and received the name Ma Puja Anugita. She became part of the Amsterdam Osho Commune Sadhana and de Stad Rajneesh, and visited Rajneeshpuram and Poona.

Although she lived a solitary life, she was very much involved in the Amsterdam sannyas life and knew many people, and many sannyasins knew her. She always sought nature and silence, since she was very sensitive to noises and smells, in her apartment and in the city.

Last February she went to hospital where they discovered a tumor in her pancreas – it was inoperable. Her last month she spent in a hospice where she was surrounded by love and good care.

On Saturday, 30 March, at 7.20 pm she left her body in a beautiful, relaxed way, very peaceful, very silent.

I had the privilege to be with her when she died. It was a beatiful experience and touched me deeply.

Text by Devabodhi – alert thanks to Mega and Upchara

A message Anugita received from Osho by mail:

My sannyasins have to prove
that they can meditate and pray together,
that they can meditate and love together,
that they can be as silent as possible
and they can be as dancing
and celebrating as possible.
Their silence
has to become their celebration,
and their celebration
has to become their silence.

Anugita’s send-off was complete with her musical friends Tuesday, 9 April, at 14.00, at the Cemetery Zorgvliet Amsterdam:

Anugita's send-off


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Nothing left to say! A life lived and celebrated with lots of smiles and laughter. Wow what a ride. Remembering your light and knowing that you will have a fantastic new adventure.
Blessings sweet love,

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