Raindrop on a Petal


A poem by Prem C.

raindrop on a petal

let me hear a whisper
let me feel a thought
let me touch a fragment
let me see a short
a film that ends in minutes
a cloud that shifts from view
let me be the dust that settles
the leaf under your shoe
the sound of a snail
on a blade of silver grass
the caterpillar kept our secrets
deep within her grasp
it was a quiet time
before the rain began
the men were made of steel
and the boats were made of sand
the ripples walked on tiny shells
and strolled for many hours
the wind talked to tiny bells
and comforted the towers
the showers felt refreshing
lightly drifting in the air
the journey was a long one
but then we found a chair
let me find a glass of water
let me be the soap
an empty box of broken dreams
that still contains a hope
let me be your shoulder
let us both be friends
let us count the moments
forget about the gems
but not forget the stems
the curtains played their part
the beating of the tiny drum
was heard before the start
the silence had to go on strike
and ask for better treatment
the shadows took shelter
in the cloak of the evening
the spider stopped weaving
and smiled at the stars
the gutters went to sleep
and held on to the bars
it was a lonely tale
meant for me and you
a button in a baby’s hand
the ant that never grew

Prem C

Prem C (Premda) is a musican, poet and rapper. He works and lives in London. facebook.comitunes.com

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