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Video interviews with Peter Fenwick and Eben Alexander; legislation in Washington state to allow composting of human bodies.

What really happens when you Die | End-of-life-phenomena • At Home with Peter Fenwick

In this video Peter Fenwick, neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist (born 25 May 1935), talks about near-death-experiences (NDE), common phenomena such as premonitions, seeing a light, death-bed-visions and coincidences, and how to achieve a good death. He describes the different transitional phases of the dying process and highlights the importance of letting go at the end of one’s life.

…we all need to learn [about the dying process], in fact we should be taught it in school.

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Washington first US state to allow composting of human bodies

Katrina Spade

The new legislation, inspired by architecture graduate student Katrina Spade, who began researching the funeral industry, “allows licensed facilities to offer ‘natural organic reduction’, which turns a body, mixed with substances such as wood chips and straw, into soil.

“…the method is an environmentally friendly alternative to cremation, which releases carbon dioxide and particulates into the air, and conventional burial, in which people are drained of their blood, pumped full of formaldehyde and other chemicals that can pollute groundwater, and placed in a nearly indestructible coffin, taking up land.”

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Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey through the Afterlife

In this intimate and powerful re-examination of his best-selling book Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander looks at the past two and a half years of his life spent in trying to reconcile his rich spiritual experience with contemporary physics and cosmology. He is convinced that his remarkable near-death journey is totally consistent with the leading edges of scientific understanding today.

This presentation was part of the 2014 Summer Convention of the Theosophical Society. The theme for the conference was “Science and the Experience of Consciousness” – Credit to Baul

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