Little, little things!

Remembering Here&Now

Ageh Bharti remembers seemingly small incidences around Osho.

Even small matters that happen around Osho are not little things. They are simply great, amazing! They tell of his love, care, insight, intelligence, understanding, wisdom and awareness.

A moment in time

It was November 1967 when winter was just pacing in. Osho had finished his talk in Jabalpur’s Shaheed Smarak Bhavan and was slowly driving the car along the road within the boundary walls. The crowd was tearing away on either side, giving him way.

While walking along the right side of the car, I bent a little towards him and he too bent his head a little to get his right ear closer to me. I told him, “You can’t keep yourself hidden for long.”

He smilingly patted my left cheek with his right hand and drove out through the gate.

Recalling a small memory of my own

In Jabalpur, I was a frequent visitor at Osho’s house. Usually I went with some magazines that contained his articles that I had presented to the publishers. I didn’t like to use the call bell as it felt harsh to me. Generally, somebody discovered me standing outside, sometimes the door would be opened. Once I waited  for about ten minutes when Kranti opened and asked, “For how long have you been waiting? Why didn’t you use the call bell? Now I understand why Bhaiyya (Osho) asked me to water the garden a bit more, although it had already been watered.”

Even now my eyes tear up at this recollection. For some people this may be a small thing to be reported, for me it is a far greater thing.

Osho’s understanding about individuals was so amazing and perfect that whatever hidden potentials were in people close to him, he made the best of them. It is another matter that he expected the ultimate realization for us to happen although perhaps we wouldn’t be able to prove it ourselves. However, in English discourses I have heard him using the term, ‘almost enlightened’. So, I am certain that the almost enlightened ones shall be enlightened soon. After forty years from today, dozens and dozens of enlightened ones will be roaming here and there and everywhere, making an effort to protect planet earth.

Just look at his fine understanding, how awake and alert he has been even about the simplest things.

A rather commonplace thing to share

Once Osho stated that man walks on his two feet but he moves not only his feet but the hands as well, why? He says that human beings come from the animal past, that’s why the habit of walking on four legs continues. I have been watching out for this always. Sometimes there would be an occasion where he had to walk a bit faster than normal. But I never saw his hands moving.  Had I seen this happening, I would have questioned him, but I never ever saw his hands move while he was walking!

Another simple occurrence

Swami Sukhraj Bharti of Gadarwara and I were at Osho’s Ashram in Pune 1 days. A Ma came to see us and brought two pens as gifts for us. She said, “This one is for you and the other one is for Swami Sukhraj Bharti.”

Please believe me that if both pens had been handed over together and I had been asked to take the one I like, I would have chosen anyway the one that was sent for me, as it was a simple and sleek design. And I know Sukhraj Bharti well. If he had been given an option to choose one of the two, he would have chosen the same that had been sent explicitly for him, because it was stylish and he liked trendy things.

I know this is a very small observation and some friends may think this is a trivial matter. But it is not so, it shows so much about the Master.

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From the forthcoming book, The Ageh Bharti Chronicles

Ageh Bharti
Ageh Bharti

Ageh Bharti is a regular contributor and the author of Blessed Days with Osho

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