Meeten Nasr

Ananddeva writes from Italy:

Another Milanese of old times is gone; his name was Meeten. He died on 6th August 2019.

Meeten was born Sergio Chiappori in Pesaro in 1929 from a Sephardic mother. He was a sailor, a teacher of Latin and Greek and a poet. (For all his publications he used the name Meeten Nasr.) In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious Premio Montale for poetry. He was also the publisher and director of a poetry magazine called Il Monte Analogo.

I met him in the early 80s when many people were hanging out at Osho Center Vivek, and then again years later at poetry readings around Milan.

I send you two pictures: one of him and me while reading his two-voice poem ‘Ruah Elohim’:

Ananddeva and Meeten

and another where he listens to a friend:

Meeten with friend

I’m sure that more people will add information and stories about him because he was a well-known and loved man.

Bio, bibliography and some poems (in Italian):

Read a poem of Meeten (translated by Suha): The Crow


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“Meer Licht! Meer Licht!” Più luce! Più Luce! con i versi di Goethe concludevi spesso i tuoi reading e ne abbiam fatti molti e ti sei / ci siamo anche divertiti e non potrò più perdermi piacevolmente a parlare con te e così credo anche gli altri che ti ascoltavano e si lasciavano condurre dalle tue parole.
Io non so cosa sia la morte …. ..ora tu lo sai . La luce l’hai trovata di sicuro e per me vivi sempre, Meeten…
Ti abbraccio,

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