Priceless puns in Colorado

Satire / Comedy

Someone in Indian Hills, CO, is putting out the funniest signs ever.

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Colorado native Vince Rozmiarek is the man behind these hilariously creative roadside signs, which showcase the kind of laugh/cringe humor that only dads seem to really excel at. What started as an April Fools’ prank has put him and his town, Indian Hills, firmly on the map, with a Facebook page dedicated to the signs having over 90k followers worldwide!

1st restaurant
3 symptoms
A few puns
A joke
First rule
Before the crowbar
Coming soon
Gun manuals
What do you call
Have you noticed
I shot a man
I ate
I got my wife
I have a fear
Spiders and snakes
I looked up
Stop killing buffalo
I sued the airline
If a cow
Chicken proof lawn
If money doesn't grow
I'm pining
My friend David
Insect puns
If you hate
It was me
Just because
Memory foam mattresses
My friend
Never trust
New stair lift
Norwegian ships
The love triangle
To some marriage
Tried calling

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