Running to save her husband

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Inspiring 68 year-old woman desperately needed funds for her ailing husband and found a solution. Published on BBC, February 10, 2020.

Lata Kare lives in India’s western Maharashtra state. When her husband fell ill and needed an MRI scan that the couple couldn’t afford, she found a way they could pay for it. She took part in a race and won. The decision would completely change her life – and inspire a feature film in which she plays herself.

After participating in that first 3 kilometre run in 2014 – running barefoot, wearing a sari –  she signed up for many more races…

Her husband, Bhagwan Kare, said he owes his life to her:

She didn’t think of herself. She only thought about me and my illness.

Video by BBC Marathi’s Nitin Nagarakar and Halima Qureshi

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