…left his body on 27th February 2020.

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Moksha was born and grew up in Sicily. He came to Pune in the late seventies and took sannyas from Osho.

He later also joined the commune in Zurich, Gyandip/Kota, where he delighted everybody with his guitar-playing and his easy manner.

When for a Festival in Rajneeshpuram loudspeakers were installed along the roads and these started blasting recorded celebration songs during Osho’s drive-by, he grabbed his guitar and, together with Priyo and Paragyan, started playing in the line-up. Osho loved it so much that he slowed his car almost to a halt, waving at them in rhythm to their song.

The following day two more clusters of Italian musicians, one with Krishna, the other with Chidananda as initiators, graced the line-up. This snowballed into the creation of many more bands, with drums and percussions, more guitars, flutes and trumpets.

Moksha also visited Pune where he played guitar and bass. In the early ’90s he was, together with Suvarna, part of the Country Band that played in Pune.

He played with Milarepa, Yashu, Harida and Rupesh, when he filled in on bass for Satgyan halfway through a tour through Europe. “More than his musical talent (which was good), I remember him having a great sense of humour in that delightful, crazy way Italians can have,” comments Milarepa.

In 2011 he joined the Osho Music Festival in Portugal, which is organised by Nartan and Harida (see some of the photos in the slide show).

Moksha lost his sight through overuse of eyedrops with cortisone, while working on freight ships when he was in his 20s. When he met Osho he told him that his only problem was that he could not see. Osho said to him that it was not a problem, that he had seen enough outside and that it was now time to look in. Already after the Ranch travelling was difficult, always needing someone to accompany him.

Moksha is remembered as a very gentle person, with a wild side, too.

He died in Italy, from liver cancer.

Update on March 4: Moksha’s celebration will be on the March 14 at Barcarello Beach to spread the ashes in the ocean together with all his friends.

Updates in text on March 2, 2020 eve, to put the history straight.

For alert, photos and text thanks to Nartan and Harida, to Suvarna, Krishna and Milarepa for additional info

And a beautiful set of photos sent by his friends Priyo and Paragyan, via Maitreyi and Nartan and Harida:



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Moksha and I shared a few years together playing music and travelling. He was an intense person, sometimes frustrated by his very poor eyesight and inability to do what he wanted as he was reliant on others.

He could play like an angel. We played together in white robe, satsangs, in the country band, and other gigs. He gave everything he had to the music when he was in the zone. He played 12-string guitar especially beautifully, and did a good slapping bass as well as 6-string rhythm and picking. He could play almost any style, from jazz to bluegrass to salsa. We tried to do recording together but it proved too difficult.

As an English person his fiery Sicilian nature was a bit scary at times and life with him was certainly not easy. It was challenging but also sometimes quite funny and you never knew what was around the corner. I certainly learned to cook pasta correctly. We caught up with each other
at the Osho Festival in Portugal and it was good to meet and reconcile our time together.

Fly in peace, dear Moksha. I hope you can see clearly now.



I remember his passion for music and that he spent all his money to buy an expensive electric guitar. Music was his life. A few times during the time in the Z├╝rich Commune we were appointed as guards at our living quarters. I still remember these nights when he would go to the kitchen in the middle of the night and cook us the best Spaghetti I have ever tasted. Eating it, we both felt so happy and could share great jokes. A gentle beautiful being. I send all my love to your further journey.

Love <3 Jivan Sahaj

Ah Moksha
Beautiful man
Beautiful soul

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