Orange in Cologne

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An amusing interaction shown in a short episode about sannyasins in Cologne during the 80s.

In 2016, the German WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) broadcast a series entitled ‘Unser Land’ (Our Country) in six parts over six weeks, covering one decade at a time, starting with the 50s. In part 4, about the 80s, an episode showing sannyasins in Cologne can be seen here:

Translation of the German commentary

Narrator: They all stood out, all in orange, sannyasins. From Cologne they built a real leisure empire in the 80s, with discos, cafes and shops.

They worshiped their Bhagwan like a god.

Pedestrian passes at 0.19: He didn’t really know what to think of them.

Pedestrian says to interviewer:  “They are not popular here in the Belgian Quarter and then on top of that the police are hard onto them.“

Interviewer asks: “What bad things are they doing?”

Pedestrian (sounding peeved): “How should I know?”


Thanks to Sugit and Rudra

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