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Deva Premal’s new creation has been released worldwide across digital platforms today. The mantra is recorded at a traditional pitch of 432Hz.

Om Meditation by Deva PremalOm Meditation
by Deva Premal
10:49 min
Link to download and stream: devapremalmiten.com
Listen to track (see video below)

Deva Premal, who was honoured at this year’s Grammy Awards with a nomination for her album DEVA, releases a new performance of the all-powerful chant that is central to the art of meditation.

Om Meditation is a spellbinding musical realisation of the mantra OM, also called AUM. Osho describes the sound as “the innermost music of your being.” 1

OM is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. And Deva, who learned the meaning of the chant as a young girl from her father, believes the sound should be part of our daily lives. “I would encourage you to chant the mantra OM three times when you first wake up in the morning,” she says, “And again before a meal, and finally before you go to sleep.”

OM is more than a word; it is the most potent of sounds – the ‘cosmic Yes’, also known as a ‘seed mantra’. Just as the seed contains the full potential of the tree, so OM contains the full flower of enlightenment.

To do justice to this universal sound, Deva’s Om Meditation is played at a pitch of 432Hz (as opposed to modern concert pitch of 440Hz). Also known as ‘Verdi’s A’, the tuning at 432Hz was commonly used in the 19th Century and earlier.

Some musicians and scholars believe the old 432Hz pitch to be more naturally aligned with the vibrations of nature, human biology and even our consciousness than today’s concert pitch. Music performed in 432Hz is thus said to be more pleasing to the ear and more in tune with the spiritual needs of the listener. The effect is such that whole playlists on Spotify are now dedicated to tracks rendered in 432Hz pitch – by artists ranging from Pink Floyd to Enya.

Drawing on her knowledge and experience of the OM chant, Deva performs the Om meditation with transcendent poise and grace. This ‘natural’ pitch recording transports the listener to a place of inner peace and deep, spiritual wellbeing.

1 Osho quoted from I Am That, Ch 1

Deva PremalDeva Premal grew up in Germany, becoming a sannyasin when she was 11, and later lived at the Osho Ashram in Pune. There she met Miten, who was organizing music for evening discourses. They became partners in love and music and have been offering concerts around the world ever since, plus releasing a string of best-selling albums – both individually and as a duo – and performed in 45 countries. devapremalmiten.com

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