Taruna (Barbara Rütting)


(21 November 1927 – 28 March 2020)

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Ma Anand Taruna, also known as Barbara Rütting, German film actress, politician, author and health consultant, was born as Waltraut Irmgard Goltz in Berlin. She was married to Hans Rütting and Heinrich Graf von Einsiedel.

At the end of the Second World War and shortly before graduating from high school, she fled to Denmark with Hans Rütting, a family friend, and married him in 1946. She worked as a maid, a librarian and foreign language correspondent in Copenhagen.

Between 1952 and 1979 she appeared in 50 films. She is known in particular for Town Without Pity (Stadt ohne Mitleid) (1961, with Kirk Douglas); Postlagernd Turteltaube (Turtledove General Delivery) (1952) which earned her the Gold Film Award for Best Performance by a Young Actress; Die Spur führt nach Berlin (Adventure in Berlin) (1952).

For the film Die letzte Brücke (The Last Bridge) (1953, with Maria Schell) she was nominated for the Silver Film Award in the category Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role and the following year she earned the Silver Film Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for Canaris (1954). She is also remembered for acting in Die Geierwally (The Vulture Wally) of the same year.

After closing her film career, from the 80’s on, she concentrated on her political commitment to environmental protection, human rights and animal protection rights. In November 1982, e.g. she chained herself to 30 animal rights activists in protest against animal experiments outside the Berlin factory gates of Schering pharmaceuticals.

Barbara Rütting became Osho’s sannyasin in autumn 1995 (at the Osho Parimal Commune *), and received the name Ma Anand Taruna, meaning ‘mother of bliss through eternal youth’. Apparently she was thrilled: “Forever young, isn’t that wonderful?” Afterwards she appeared several times on Jürgen Fliege’s talk-show to share her newly gained spiritual knowledge with the world: “There is no right to be lazy in our society, but rather a duty to work hard.” **)

At the beginning of 2000 she was hired as a meditation teacher in the controversial cancer clinic of the Hackethal heirs in Riedering, Bavaria. She preferred to teach patients Osho’s laughing meditation but stopped working there after a few months. She rejected criticism of her activities by the right-wing psychoscene as “bad slander,” saying she belongs to “no sect and no religion.” **)

She was one of the first members of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen (The Green Party) and in 2003 she became the Alterspräsidentin in the Bavarian State Parliament, the first woman to become its President by right of age (she was 75). She prematurely left her second mandate, in 2009, for reasons of conscience and burnout; she realized how little she could ultimately accomplish in politics.

Among her memoirs, vegan cookbooks (for adults and children), more non-fiction books about food, nutrition and health (as qualified health consultant) she has authored, to be mentioned are: Ich bin alt und das ist gut so (I’m old and that’s a good thing) and …und dennoch (…and yet). In her book, Sterbefasten, she describes a case of VSED (Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking), which she also promoted.

For many years she has been living in a village in the Bavarian Spessart mountains, while continuing her active commitment to animal rights.

Barbara Rütting died on 28 March 2020 in her home in Marktheidenfeld, surrounded by her closest family and friends.

*) Two of the photos in the slideshow, where she is drinking tea in the garden, are taken in Parimal which she visited on the occasion of one of her sannyas birthdays. She was accompanied by Hans Sittich, Graf vom Schloss Berlepsch (pictured across from her), who had taken sannyas in 1979. Credit to Jivan and Nirbija

**) Souce: jungle.world

Her blog with talks, recipes and events (in German): barbara-ruetting.de

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