Osho Resort was like when I saw the ocean for the first time

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Article about Irrfan Khan’s visit to the Osho Int. Meditation Resort in Pune. Published in Osho Times Hindi in 2017.

Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan (7 January 1967 – 29 April 2020), aka Irrfan Khan, was seen as one of the finest Indian actors in Indian cinema. He worked in Hindi cinema as well as in British and American films; his most well-known English language films are Road to Ladakh, Namesake, Slumdog Millionaire and The Lunchbox.

Irrfan Khan at the Osho Meditation Resort
Irrfan Khan at the Osho Meditation Resort
Irrfan Khan with Amrit Sadhana

It’s not widely known that the late Irrfan Khan was an ardent lover of Osho. He regularly read Osho books and said he had been inspired by Osho’s vision.

After visiting the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, he said in an interview published in the Hindi Osho Times, “It was the first time I stayed at Osho’s energy field. It reminded me of the moment when I came to Bombay and saw the ocean for the first time. It was a hypnotic, inviting and magnanimous experience. This experience was also an invitation. It had a vastness.

“I felt that the Osho Meditation Resort is like a school where one can learn about oneself. For me, the greatest education in life is to know oneself at the deepest level. The biggest lesson for me is to know myself at the deepest level. This brings freedom and discipline. This Osho resort is an experimental laboratory where you can experiment with your internal and external forms.

“Think of it like a hamam (Turkish bath) where you can wash away all the dust of previous conditionings and emerge squeaky clean. This is a fertile land where a seed is planted in you and you can wait until it germinates and blooms,” he said.

“At one time when I was really in love with Osho, I read every Osho book I came across,” he added.

The greenery of the resort, the pure energy, the intensity of meditation, is deeply felt in each picture of Irrfan – a great soul, a sensitive and creative artist full of humor and playfulness. Irrfan’s eyes shine with divinity in every photo taken during his visit to the Osho Meditation Resort. He also said that many parts of the resort had a special energy which attracted him.

Thanks to Anand Kul Bhushan

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