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Nepal, the eternal Himalayan abode of Shiva and Gautam Buddha is gradually being lured into a lethal trap by the atheist communist party of China, writes Chaitanya Keerti.

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The progressive and aggressive China is on its way to treat Nepal as its New Tibet – it appears it is going to usurp it sooner than later. China is moving fast in this direction. Nepal, the eternal Himalayan abode of Shiva and Gautam Buddha, is gradually being lured into a lethal trap by the atheist communist party of China, and its wily politicians have started meddling into the internal affairs of Nepal. It is happening speedily and openly, though it is being reported that China is doing all this behind the scene.

India Today revealed the backstory yesterday, May 21, 2020: “Nepal is being ruled by a relatively upstart political party, the Nepal Communist Party (NCP), which turned two over last weekend. The two-year-old party came into being with China’s ruling communist party after the merger of two dominant communist parties of Nepal – the Marxist-Leninist and the Maoist. Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli shares the chair of the Nepal Communist Party with Pushpa Kumar Dahal, more commonly known as Prachanda. Oli is from the Marxist-Leninist stream and Prachanda from the Maoist faction.

“Oli became the prime minister following an electoral victory in 2017 and a compromise between the two factions in the ruling party in 2018. But his position in Nepal’s PMO has not been secure. There has been pressure on him to make way for a Maoist prime minister.”

The newspaper adds: “This was also the time when the Chinese ambassador in Nepal got involved holding meetings with both factions and also with President Bhandari. A compromise was reached. But public opinion was going against the government and the ruling party. Sometime in between a strategy was devised to deflect public attention from crisis in the government and its failure to tackle the Covid-19 crisis.”

The politicians do know how to divert public attention from the real issues by creating new problems and inventing scapegoats. Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli gave a statement [against India] which was to please China. He said that the novel coronavirus from India is more lethal than the variants from Italy and China.

The communist country has been preparing a master plan for its territorial expansion after it usurped Tibet, an unarmed spiritual country which has been meditating eternally to raise the consciousness level of humanity. Instead of befriending it, China ate it up. And America-England-France-Russia, the so-called super-powers of the world did not do anything to protect Tibet. China has a reason to believe that the same can be done to Nepal also.

Osho has expressed his views about what was done to Tibet in the following words: “The only country in the world which has devoted all its genius to the inner exploration is Tibet. Its findings are of tremendous value. Om Mani Padme Hum is one of the most beautiful expressions for the ultimate experience. Its meaning is “the sound of silence, the diamond in the lotus.”

In the same discourse, Osho adds: “But unfortunately, Tibet has fallen into a darkness. Its monasteries have been closed, its seekers of truth have been forced to work in labor camps. The only country in the world which was working – a one-pointed genius, all its intelligence in the search for one’s own interiority and its treasures – has been stopped by the communist invasion of Tibet.

“And it is such an ugly world that nobody has objected to it. On the contrary, because China is big and powerful, even countries which are more powerful than China can ever be, like America, have accepted that Tibet belongs to China. That is sheer nonsense – just because China is powerful and everybody wants China to be on their side. Neither the Soviets nor America have challenged the claim of China. Leave America and the Soviets aside – even India has not objected. It was such a beautiful experiment, and Tibet had no weapons to fight with; they had no army to fight; they had never thought about it.”

It is quite easy for Nepal to fall prey to Chinese machinations because it does need support from the developed countries. China is super-power which is very eager to support it, but this support has a big price tag. In this dubious deal, Nepal may have to sell its soul and grow into the commercial market for China. Both India and Nepal, who share their cultural and spiritual values with each other, will be the great losers. And finally, the rest of the world also, will lose something precious if China comes to rule Nepal.

Excerpts by Osho from Om Mani Padme Hum, Ch 1, Q 1
Illustration by Diwakar Chettri, Nepali Times
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