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kneeling in front of Buddha

“Reaction is out of the past. If you react, out of old habits, out of mind, then you are not responding. To be responsive is to be totally alive in this moment, here-now.”

food on the table

Kiran, a Glaswegian at home in America! “As a Brit, and as a person of color with an accent, I was in an interesting position to observe and ask questions.”


A video interview with Dhyani by Voices of Meltingpot, a project based in Czechia. It brings ideas without borders and preserves the legacy, inspiration, and energy of significant personalities.

Avikal speaking and laughing

Avikal, author of the recently published book, Who Is In? speaks to Brian D Smith, author and founder of Grief 2 Growth (video and podcast).


Manik relates the almost unbelievable story of Niskriya’s documentary about Osho and the Russian pop star, Valery Leontiev. Right at the very end of the Soviet era, this was broadcast across the nation over three consecutive nights, to widespread amazement.

Osho with towel on Devageet's book cover

Chapter 16 from Devageet’s book, Osho: The First Buddha in the Dental Chair, where he recalls Osho saying that our teeth contain memories back to the beginning of evolution.