Dancing Peacock Spiders

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A short video compilation of 51 Australian peacock spiders, one of nature’s wondrous colourful species.

As you will ask yourself if these amazing spider are dangerous:

The biggest Maratus species can reach 0.3 inches – about the size of a pencil eraser. Like almost all spiders, peacock spiders are venomous. But that doesn’t mean they’re dangerous to humans: their little jaws are so tiny that they couldn’t even puncture our skin. We’re safe, but crickets and other spiders are not.

Uploaded to YouTube by Peacockspiderman who notes:

“Thanks to Universal Music for allowing me to use the Bee Gees track [Stayin’ Alive]. I often thought it is the perfect tune for letting peacock spiders dance to, and I am glad I finally got around to combining the two.”

For all info on peacock spider and links to everything he has produced, head to his website peacockspider.org

For longer videos of individual species browse his YouTube channel Peacockspiderman

Photograph of Featured Image © Jurgen Otto

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