..left her body on 11 August 2020.


Ma Dhyan Anoshe was a legend in her own right. Her charismatic presence and endless energy for celebration, ‘matsuri’ in Japanese, was a driving force for numerous occasions.

She was wild and lived in the moment with an adventurous spirit, had so much energy at the same time and had a side that was sensitive and childlike and sweet. She lived life in wonder and to the fullest.

Anoshe was a catalyst in many projects; when people tried to fit the conditions given to us, she always had a broader view and her goals were far reaching. She had her visions and did not shy away from all the hard work it entailed to make Matsuri happen.

When she was in Spain there was an episode that reflects her innocent abandonment; she was a part of the Arun Conscious Touch in Spain with other Japanese friends. The group went to a lake and while the people from Japan were self-conscious about their bodies and huddled together under the shade, Anoshe threw her clothes off and jumped right in, encouraging the others that followed her example. She was real, total in her joy of living – and it was infectious.

Around year 2000, she organized a wild celebration in the Osho Resort and with her own money bought Eastern instruments and kimonos and an enormous paper craft dragon. The celebration was wonderful and the lovely moments stayed forever in people’s hearts

She also organized a celebration (Matsuri) at Jeju island where Upanishad, a famous artist from Okinawa, performed. It was dedicated to love and peace and brought people together beyond borders.

Anoshe was good at playing Sanshin, an Okinawan string instrument, and sang old traditional songs, did bodywork and energy healing. She was able to do many things and was good at it. She managed a flat in Pune and always made sure it looked welcoming to people from Japan and took care of them for long terms.

With her big heart and larger than life personality she was liked by the Riksha babas, too. She visited friends when they were having a hard time and never failed to light a spark in dark moments in their lives.

She was always wanting to celebrate, creating Matsuris. When you talked to her you remembered the old ashram and the wonderful exciting energy – the room became electrified.

A year ago she had a check-up and discovered she had cancer, which was already widespread. At that point she said she did no longer have a great attachment to this life on Earth. She was simple and cool about the whole thing. She said she was ready to shed this body.

However, her friend who does Theta healing asked her if she can pray for her. She believed she could beat this thing. When she saw her in her vision she was surrounded by a strong light. About 150 people prayed every night. She saw how strong her light was and believed she could be healed.

For about two months they continued to pray and her appetite came back and surprised the doctors how well she was doing. She was always positive and was living her life energetically. The cancer became null in her body. She was ecstatic and full of gratitude. She was planning to embark on a trip through Japan and meet the people who had prayed for her.

However, the cancer came back, but still, she had that time when she was in total remission. The doctors said it was unprecedented.

Anoshe left her body on 11 August at 1am. She left in deep gratitude with so much light and love. Her friend says she feels connected with her even if she is no longer in her body.

Anoshe was a true devotee of Osho. Her life was nothing but that of an Osho sannyasin. Her intensity and uniqueness would be hard to match. Her individuality was so strong, which is rare to come by. Nobody can take her place.

She will be missed dearly. To think she is not with us anymore fills us with longing for her to come back with her wonderful smile. We wish her the best in her next wild adventure with Osho.

Text by Ma Bodhi Sarita, with thanks to Dhyani, Anju, Ayako Yamaguchi, Imagawa-san and Rasata


Anoshe was a person of vitality and had a very deep and loving heart. For me she was not just a sannyas friend, but a kindred spirit. Together we shared our passion for Okinawa, the Okinawan drum dance called Eisa. We shared songs and danced, joining in the peace movement, praying together, and did American Native ceremonies together. There are so many memories with her.

There are so many things that have enriched my life and some of them came through Anoshe. We helped Veeresh do a Japanese tour including Okinawa. She pushed me to come to Tokyo if I wanted to continue my Sufi, Gurdjieff and Gurdjieff dance studies which I was passionate about. She connected me with the Humaniversity.

Her parents were from Amami, the island next to Okinawa Island. She loved and was good at singing the traditional songs from there. We danced with no practice for the talent show at the Multiversity and did so in Okinawa and Kyoto as well.

We connected well because we were both into indigenous culture such as the Native Americans, Aboriginal and Ainu (the indigenous people in Hokkaido).

Before Anoshe became a sannyasin she was into supporting the American Natives, protecting their sacred land called Big Mountain. She was also a Sun Dancer. We did sweat lodges together for the last 5 to 6 years.

Our strong bond was based on doing Okinawan Eisa drum dance together, and tried to engage people and share the celebratory energy (Matsuri). When the Pune ashram was changing to be a resort in the year 2000 [the Millenium Festival] she was the catalyst for creating Matsuri.

Kina Shokichi (Upanishad, a famous singer from Okinawa) and his band came and she got people ready for his concert by creating an Eisa Drum dance team to dance for him. It was a big event. I was not there, but was an Eisa drum dancer in 1993 at the Osho celebration with Kina Shokichi.

When Anoshe found out she said, “Well well, I’ve been waiting for an Okinawan sannyasin like you. The ashram needs the spirit of celebration, Let’s do Eisa!”. And from that day she gathered friends and created a new Eisa group.

The sound of the Eisa drum was everywhere in the ashram. Indians and Westerners also caught the spirit and joined in. One day we did an Eisa drum event at Buddha Grove.

Then in 2014 there was a Matsuri for peace for East Asia on Jetsu Island in Korea. We connected again to create an Eisa drum dance troupe. She was helping to organise the Matsuri. She taught Eisa for 8 months in Kyoto with me and was there at the Matsuri in Korea and danced the Eisa drum. She also contributed a lot to make it happen.

We also went to shrines on the equinoxes for it was a ceremonious time for the Native Americans and prayed at the Omoto holy events.

This February we went to Tenkawa, where Osho’s message is dedicated within the shrine. The road was hard and it was difficult to reach.
She told me that being with me is like doing God’s work. I can’t be there for her after she left her body but her spirit lives on in my heart. I’m with you forever! Anoshe!

By Tabahn Miyahara


Anoshe did a group called Animal Dance. Her war cry resounded in the hall and she danced like a gorilla in front of shy Japanese women who looked lost from their expression. She was so powerful and infectious that all the self-conscious people started dancing with her and the hall became a jungle! So much laughter…

She was dynamic and unique. Her wellspring of love knew no bounds. Such a precious soul. Whatever happened, she faced each person’s positive side and sent light to them. This February we did a 7-day workshop called Storm Meditation. We went deep into the turmoil of our emotions, faced it, and created a celebratory atmosphere, thanks to Anoshe.

Anoshe was feisty and quick to anger, charming in her laughter and everything about her was wonderful. I love her to pieces. She gave me so many presents from her heart. It’s shining brightly and I will keep on polishing it.

By Ikue Wanezaki


Haaaa…. Anoshe was such a delight and one of a kind… beyond all borders! We met in Pune and in Japan and always laughed and enjoyed the moments. I also had a close contact with Upanishad and was with her and him in Okinawa a couple of times. Like Tabahn shares in her tribute, she came to be with Anasha and me in Spain for our 2-week ARUN Conscious Touch Retrea t- and she was as wild as the Spanish friends (I remember the trip to the river and the fun we had very well!). And, like she says, Anoshe was very gifted with Conscious Touch and tuning into people… and a catalyst for healing. Always looking for the positive, she will be missed by all the friends. Feeling blessed and wishing Anoshe another “Matsuri” celebration in her new form… with love,

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