A spade is a spade

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Osho states, “There is still hope for humanity.”

Chili and spade

I am not a man of etiquette, I don’t know manners. I simply call a spade a fucking spade, because that’s what it is. I have made the spade actually what it is. The old proverb is, a spade is a spade. That doesn’t sound of any import. Of course a spade is a spade – so what! It does not say anything about the spade. So I simply say that these are all idiots.

But there is still hope for humanity. The hope is not that religious people will become politicians, or that religious people will start taking an interest in politics, no. But religious people can become, should become, rebellious against all political stupidity. There is the hope. The religious person should not remain just contented with his blissfulness and allow all these idiots to go on doing harm to innocent humanity.

To me this is the only compassion: To rebel against the whole history of humanity.

Osho, From Darkness to Light, Ch 21, Q 1 (excerpt)

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