Sannyas is pure rebellion

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Osho says that rebellion is the greatest spiritual phenomenon.

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The greatest spiritual phenomenon is rebellion. Remember the distinction between revolution and rebellion: revolution is political, social, extrovert; rebellion is inner, individual, spiritual. Revolution is bound to be superficial; it cannot go deep because its whole concern is to change the structure. The structure consists of the circumference of things, it is not the centre, it is not the root. Revolution is like pruning the branches and the leaves; the leaves will come up again, in fact the foliage will become thicker by pruning. That’s why every revolution has failed.

Red Chillies

And in the wake of every revolution something absolutely against the revolution has settled. It happened in the French revolution, it happened in the Russian revolution, it happened in the Chinese. It has been man’s whole history. Every revolution becomes anti-revolutionary finally, it starts destroying itself because it never touches the roots.

Rebellion cuts the roots and then the leaves wither away of their own accord. Not the structure but man’s consciousness has to be changed, not his behaviour but his being has to be changed. That is rebellion.

Sannyas is pure rebellion.

Osho, Going All the Way, Ch 19 (excerpt, unpublished)

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