Theism is acceptance

A Cup of Tea Osho on Acceptance

A Cup of Tea (134)

Osho 1960s


Theism is another name for infinite hope.
It is patience,
it is waiting,
it is trust in leela,
in the play of life,
and therefore with theism complaining cannot be.
Theism is acceptance,
it is surrender –
acceptance of what is beyond the self
and surrender to the source of the self.

In 1914 a fire broke out
in Thomas Edison’s laboratory.
Machinery worth millions
and all the papers
pertaining to his lifelong research
were burnt to ashes.
Hearing of this tragedy,
his son Charles came looking for him
and he found him standing by the side
enjoying the sight of the leaping flames.
On seeing Charles, Edison said to him:
Where is your mother?
Go and find her and bring her here quickly;
such a sight she will never see again!

The next day, walking amidst the ashes
of his hopes and dreams,
the 67-year-old inventor said:
What benefit there is in destruction!
All our mistakes have been burnt to ashes, thank God!
Now we can begin afresh all over again!

God’s grace is endless.
We just require the eyes to see it.

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