Skip the Door


A poem by Laurie Kuntz,

blue door with cat

You don’t have to show people using a door to walk into a room. If people are already in the room, the audience will understand that they didn’t crawl through a window or drop from the ceiling or just materialize. The audience understands that a door has been used—the eyes and mind will make the connection—so you can just skip the door.”
– Sherman Alexie

You are inside now,
a blizzard of loneliness
whispers through the keyhole.

Sadness curls up like a sleeping cat on a windowsill.

You can’t remember where you were
when that door slammed the heart out of you.

Inside and out, it is the same cold front the door cannot close against.

There comes a knocking, there always comes a knocking,
that is why we have doors:
inside, out, slam-shut.
There comes a knocking—
Open up.

Laurie Kuntz

Laurie Kuntz is an award-winning poet and film producer, based in Florida.

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