‘Zoom In’ – Dialogue with Nature


Multi-instrumentalist Kalyan created nine compositions as part of his sister’s photo exhibition in Basel, Switzerland.

During my winter time in Québec, Canada, I got back into recording music. One of my projects was to take part in a photo exhibition my sister Christa is holding in Basel, Switzerland. The exhibition is called, Zoom In.

My challenge was to hear and find movement in her static pictures. The fact that Christa presents her images in pairs, suggesting a relation, made it somehow easier. The other challenge was the time limit – most musical clips could only be about 1 minute long, which means that the compositions had to be condensed similarly to writing a series of Japanese haikus.

You can register for a virtual exhibition tour guided by Christa, on the last day of the exhibition, on Sunday, 9 May 2021, 5pm (CET | GMT +2): www.zoomin-gallerie.ch (time has expired)

Featured image: Verspielte Leichtigkeit (Playful Lightness) by Christa Jaeger (all prints can be purchased)

Christa Jaeger

Christa Jaeger is a photographer living in Switzerland. zoomin-gallerie.ch


Kalyan is a Swiss musician and composer living in Canada and Greece. kalyanmusic.com

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