…left his body on 4 June 2021.


Charya writes:

I heard that our dear friend, Chetan Ashu, left his body last week. The night before, he was still happily enjoying his asparagus meal with his best friend, Govind (earlier Shahid).

As far as I know, he took sannyas in Bremen in 1982, was twice a working guest at the Ranch in 1983/84, and visited Osho at the ashram in Pune for the last time in 1988.

He was a true Osho Lover with his whole heart. A true devotee.

From birth he was a nobleman and a “king size soul” with a great heart and a lot of humor.

A friend sent me his last photo. I gave it some glamour… the least I could do for a king!

Ashu by Charya

Now he may be happy in his oneness with Osho. Oshooooo!

Love to you 😍💝


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