(8 April 1952 – 23 November 2019)


Abi Hucker writes:

I find it almost impossible to use the past tense about Abadh as he was such an inimitable force of nature with a vital powerful intelligence. It feels as if he is still here… Intense he certainly was!

Swami Archan Abadh (Paul Stephen Hucker) – his sannyas name means ‘limitless prayer’ and this was the way he lived his life – with a tremendous thirst and magnetism for loving connection, fiercely challenging everything he wasn’t resonant with. He was absolutely devotional to Osho who remained central to his very existence. He was worshipful of life and those he loved with a tension that wanted to jump in and experience everything without missing a trick! Yet, he ironically ended up with several life-threatening conditions including eventually throat cancer, although he flew shockingly out with a huge blood pressure spike that produced a massive stroke – perhaps a blessing in its suddenness?

About 20 minutes afterwards, he had died in ICU. 20 mins after his last breath, both arms came up from his sides and went into a graceful qi-gong-like sweep up to the heart centre and back, like a glorious, gracious thankyou finale which stunned us all at his bedside.

He had more than one dream about jumping off a cliff into the limitless void below, and many other visionary ones over the years.

Abadh had two previous marriages with amazingly gifted women, all Osho sannyasins who are the most wonderful friends, and I was number 3! We all recognised that we had different roles to play in his life. The first, his beloved companion, gave birth to his wonderful sons Brendan and Kieran.

He had originally gone into teaching which was rather a surprise given his intense dislike of grammar school. But it evolved along with him into other more enjoyable and fascinating avenues of lecturing and higher academia, producing remarkable assistance to others as his higher development into therapeutic exploration ensued.

Eventually he poured himself into meditation and found that his extraordinary mystical abilities naturally unfolded, experiencing channelling, often with healing outcomes for many others like myself, as well as having spontaneous visionary experiences  with a frequently open third eye.

These abilities didn’t entirely end but gradually became more infrequent in later years as he evolved through meditation and then through his courageous cancer journey, which included unorthodox methods in Germany of photo-dynamic therapy – which proved very helpful in reducing the cancer – along with dietary changes, as well as a blast of radiotherapy near the end.

He talked about his life in his brief autobiography which he channelled during 8 days and nights before Xmas 2017, where I accompanied him in meditation during that precious experience – which we both absolutely treasured. The short book is on Amazon and free on Kindle, called Travels with my Master, by Archan Abadh. It probably reveals much more about him than I could ever hope to convey.


The following short poem is at the end of the book and mirrors his lack of sense of specialness!


This is the only poem I have ever written.


Empty Limerick

I once had ideas for a poem
Then I thought blast, damn and blow ‘em
I’ll let it arise
To be a surprise
So that from a nobody
Can happen a noem.

Update in the text 25.6.2021: The movement of his arms happened after he was taken off life support.


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