Celestial sounds

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The crickets’ song possibly transports the listener into that realm… where we came from… and will go to again.

In 1992, experimental director and playwright, Grammy Award winner Robert Wilson, caught a hauntingly beautiful piece of music one night – a recording of crickets.

That part is common enough, but then he stretched out the sound as much as one would have to stretch the life of a cricket to equal that of a human, and the result is truly wonderful.

The CD, God’s Cricket Chorus was released in 1992. The story behind this unusual recording is that it contains two tracks – 1) the sound of the crickets slowed down to match and mirror the length of the average lifespan of a human being – 2) the natural sound of crickets chirping. The angelic chorus you hear accompanying the sound of the crickets is not a synthesizer or a human voiced chorus singing. It’s the crickets themselves slowed down which creates the effect.

The God’s Chorus Crickets recording was created by Jim Wilson as an extended digitally remixed and mastered version taken from the original 1992 cricket recording, first recorded for background ambiance in the song titled ‘Ballad of the Twisted Hair’ from the album Medicine Songs by David Carson (Jim Wilson’s Uncle and co-lyrics writer with Jim Wilson) and Little Wolf Band (Jim Wilson).

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