Sarvananda (updated)


(31 May 1939 – 26 August 2021)

Sarv pleased as punch
Sarv with Attitude-Kiss
Sarv with that Ready for Mischief Look
Sarv shining on the girls
Sarv & Hira in 19
Sarv Camera Man
Sarv with Crystal vision
Sarv, Premrup, Hira in July
Sarv with cat
Sarv & Hira... Beatnik Days
Sarv the director
Young Cowboy Sarv
Sarvananda on the Ranch
Young Sarv in Maroon
Sarvananda as an infant

Ma Prem Prartho (Sereno) writes:

My guess is that Sarvananda’s closest cousin on the astral plane is Merlin — a rascally enchanter, who in certain renditions of the myth lived his life in reverse: growing younger through the years. Not only did “Sarv” provoke awakenings in the tradition of a bonafide trickster-magician, but the light of mischief in his eyes seemed to grow brighter as he aged.

In an earlier “incarnation,” as Martin Donald Bluestone, Sarvananda received a bachelor’s degree in History from Cornell University (though he claims to have spent more time as an activist than a student) and earned a PhD in History from the University of Wisconsin. After 20 years of teaching, first as professor of History at Roosevelt University in Chicago and later in Humanities at SUNY Old Westbury (in New York), Osho found him… and the rest was, fittingly… History!

Sarv, who left his body in hospital on August 26 with his daughter Hira at his side, took sannyas in Pune in 1979, and without looking back, left academia behind. He gave his heart & soul to many roles in Rajneeshpuram, serving as head master of the school in Antelope and, among other jobs, driving Ranch buses.

In some magical way, Sarv’s life with Osho broke the dam of Time so the historian found himself flooded with visions of the future (& the mystic present) — the professor became psychic reader! For over 35 years, he made his living as a reader of Tarot cards, crystals, astrology, past lives, and more recently combining his love of Haiku-writing with crystal visions in a collaborative form he invented: the Psychu. He also authored three books about the fine art of “seeing” — Signs of the Times (1997), The World Dream Book (2002), and How to Read Signs and Omens in Everyday Life (2001).

Tributes to his accessible healing visions abound on the internet. As one fan says in an online review: Dr. Bluestone is that rare psychic who comes across as entirely genuine, thoughtful and grounded in reality.

I was lucky enough to share in those gifts on an intimate level. When I was leaving Pune in 1987 with no idea of how to support myself in the West, someone told me to ask Sarv how he procured his gigs in the Catskill resorts of Upstate New York. When I did, with his inimitable generosity, he offered to share them with me right on the spot. And so, my two daughters and I became neighbors with his family in Woodstock, New York, where we shared parenting, Osho meditations, writing critiques, psychic readings, and jokes. Sarv was always ready for a joke, and with his combination of ruthless honesty and tenderness, he was a master of getting me to laugh at myself.

Lucky, too, are the thousands of children with whom Sarv shared his love of life, people, and the arts at Appel Farm Arts Camp in New Jersey, where he wrote and directed plays, and taught the art of being human. From their website, where deeply felt tributes from students continue to flood in: We remember Sarv’s natural ability to engage with and connect to anyone he met, making them feel seen and welcome within our community. For more than 30 years on our Campus, Sarv strengthened the threads of our Appel Farm community. Let’s continue to celebrate his memory and share his magic with one another.

To this, I add the one word that encapsulates Sarv’s life: Yes.


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